Deep Roads Expeditions: Bastion of the Pure Cretahl Hunting is an expedition table operation in The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Find and unlock the operation in the Bastion of the Pure.

Operation text Edit

The Inquisition has identified several cretahl dens in the caves near the entrance to the Bastion of the Pure. An experienced group of hunters could return with a stockpile of hides for sale and cull the cretahl population in the process.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - Locked Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Leliana - Locked Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Cullen - 0:48:00 Edit

Our best sharpshooters will make short work of these beasts.

Result Edit

Inquisition hunters have returned with a number of quality cretahl hides, ready for sale.

Rewards Edit

  • Random Gold (200-265)
  • 60 Influence
  • Potential random valuable items

Notes Edit

  • This operation can be repeated.
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