The Deep Roads is an abandoned section of the Deep Roads.

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This particular section connects to a former lyrium mining site of unknown origin, which contains several depictions and statues of deities of the Elven pantheon. Furthermore, unlike dwarven constructions, this location lacks the usual lightning and heating produced by lava with Varric Tethras remarking that it is unusually dark. Finally, there is no trace of darkspawn activity, a frequent sight in the Deep Roads.

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According to ancient depictions, Mythal struck down the titans, ancient elves claimed their demesne and mined their bodies for lyrium. An aeon later, the elves abandoned the mines in terror and sealed them with stone and magic, for what the Evanuris could unleash in their greed would destroy all in its anger.[1]

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The Inquisitor goes through an eluvian and finds themselves in underground ruins adorned with statues of Mythal and the Dread Wolf. Lyrium veins grow here and there. The Qunari seem to have a huge operation in the caverns that are unstable and prone to cave-ins. The Inquisitor has to fight them and some deepstalkers with eerie blue eyes as they move forward.

In the Hideout, the Inquisitor encounters Jerran, a former templar from Kirkwall and now a Qunari convert. He explains that the Qunari led by Viddasala are mining and processing lyrium in this section of the Deep Roads and giving it to their Saarebas. This is a part of their plan called "Dragon's Breath", an invasion that would "save the South". He adds that the place resembles a lyrium spring: the more they mine, the more there seems to be. The Qunari use their explosive powder, gaatlock to get lyrium without touching it and have no sources of the precious mineral but the site. Jerran suggests obtaining primers from Central Supply and blowing up the mine. The Inquisitor can either kill Jerran or let him go.

The Inquisitor fights their way to the Cenral Supply and gets the primers. Behind a balustrade and below, they see a huge hall with high ceiling filled with stone coffers containing lyrium.[2] Two winged statues of Mythal flank a lyrium "well" in its center. The Inquisitor then heads back to the Mining and Processing facilities. Despite heavy Qunari resistance, they manage to blow up four facilities: three cranes and a mine. With each explosion, more water starts to pour from the cracks, rapidly flooding the cavern until the Inquisitor has to run for their life back to the eluvian. If they spared Jerran, they find Qunari orders to capture him followed by his body laying in a pool of blood.

Deep Roads (Trespasser) - Aftermath

The mine in the aftermath of the collapse

If the Inquisitor subsequently visits the location, they discover that most of it is now submerged. After they get the Anchor Blast upgrade for the Anchor Discharge in the Shattered Library, they can use the ability at the Grand Stairway, near a collapsed entrance surrounded by casks with gaatlok to clear the way. The eluvian behind the rubble leads to an Unknown Ruin with an elven fresco depicting the death of a titan and a puzzle required for the "Lateral Thinker" achievement.

Places Edit

Main map:

  • Overlook
  • The Grand Stairway
  • Excavated Caves
  • Hideout
  • Lower Walkways
  • Mining and Processing
  • Bridge of the Stone
  • Central Supply


  • Unknown Ruin

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Quest icon DAI Trespasser

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Death of a titan - The Trespasser

Elven mural in the Unknown Ruin

Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune icon Sigil of the Deepstalker
Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune icon Sigil of the Highland Ravager
Armada-Captain's-Knife-icon Armada Captain's Knife
Heart of Pride Icon Heart of Pride

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Torn Notebook in the Deep Roads, Section 1
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Note texts Edit

Text ico Communique in the Deep Roads
Text ico Orders
Text ico Qunari Notes
Text ico Qunari Writing

Dialogue points Edit

Each companion has one dialogue point:

  • Blackwall - On the Grand Stairway
  • Cassandra - In the Excavated Caves, on the left upon entering
  • Dorian - Mining and Processing, on the bridge overlooking a crane
  • Iron Bull - Lower Walkways, close to southwest corner on map, southern-most pathway looking south
  • Sera - Immediately on entering the Lower Walkways
  • Varric - The Grand Stairway, behind the statue of Mythal
  • Cole - Mining and Processing, on the platform leading to the mine
  • Vivienne - Central Supply, on the balcony

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  2. See comments of the following companions on the spot: Cassandra, Dorian, Vivienne, Varric. Note that if Cole is present, his line will override the rest.
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