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Death Blow is a warrior talent from the Powerful tree in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Each time the warrior fells an enemy, the end of the battle seems closer at hand, restoring a portion of the warrior's stamina equal to 20% of the victim's health. This is indicated by a blue glow in front of warrior's body (see image).


  • Amount of restored stamina depends on the rank of the enemy. It is an extremely useful talent for warriors who rely greatly on their activated weapon talents.
  • Prior to patch 1.02, this talent was bugged and had no effect.
  • This only works if the warrior is the one dealing the killing blow.
  • Can be triggered by scripted kills during dialogues.
  • Amount of stamina restored is calculated based on the base value of the victim's health, not the total value. This means certain enemy health adjustments (from equipment, for example) are not taken into account for this calculation.

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