Deal with Venatori Ally is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available after relocating to Skyhold and completing the operation Investigate Redcliffe Castle with Leliana.

Operation text Edit


The Venatori mage captured by the Bull's Chargers at Redcliffe has given us valuable information on how the Venatori were able to co-opt the rebel mages. Specifically, he speaks of an agent among the Fereldan nobility who prepared the mages at Redcliffe for the Venatori.

Arl Gallagher Wulff evidently allied with the Venatori with good intentions. He believed the rebel mages would withdraw to Tevinter, where they would lead a better life while their absence restored peace and stability to Ferelden.

I have informed none outside the Inquisition of this matter. What we do with this information is your decision.

Sister Leliana

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 8:00:00 Edit

Arl Wulff is a good man. If we approach him, he will make amends.

Leliana - 8:00:00 Edit

The arl does not know what we know. He could easily pass along misinformation in good faith.

Cullen - 6:24:00 Edit

Arl Wulff should be tried and executed. This is the price of doing business with the Venatori.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

Arl Wulff made it clear that he had no idea what the Venatori intended. He has begun passing them false information on our behalf, and has donated generously to the Inquisition from his own coffers. He seems truly repentant. We have made a valuable ally here.

Ambassador Montilyet

Leliana Edit

We have begun passing information to Wulff, so that he might share it with his Venatori allies. It is working thus far, and if we are cautious, we can use this to nudge Venatori forces in a direction of our choosing. This could help our forces greatly.

Sister Leliana

Cullen Edit

The Inquisition passed information to the Fereldan throne. Arl Wulff was tried and executed for his crimes, and Ferelden is grateful to us.

Commander Cullen

Rewards Edit

Josephine Edit

  • Arl Wulff provides misinformation willingly to the Venatori


  • Gold (75-95)
  • 30 Influence


Leliana Edit

  • Arl Wulff forced to pass misinformation to Venatori
  • 30 Influence

Cullen Edit

  • Arl Wulff executed
  • Gold (75-110)
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