Deal with Relatives of the Trevelyans is a war table mission in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Available at the start of the game in Haven and to Humans only.

Operation Text

Letter from an Inquisition Diplomat to Ambassador Montilyet:

Dear Lady Montilyet:

It is true. Distant relations of the House Trevelyan are claiming “close friendship with the Herald of Andraste.” A boast is one matter, but the boundaries of tact and decency appear to be invisible to these mountebanks.

During a ball in the south quarter, I witnessed a cousin five times remove from Lord Trevelyan threaten to have the Inquisition fight his rival! He quickly left the party after I made my connection with the Inquisition clear, but the problem stands. We must deal with the Herald’s relatives taking his name in vain.

Lady Buttlefort



Dear Lady Montilyet,

The Herald of Andraste’s Relatives have become much more restrained when discussing the Inquisition, going so far as to avoid the subject entirely. Whatever future boon they may ask of us, their newfound modesty is most gratifying.

Best regards,

Lady Buttlefort


Dear Lady Montilyet,

Splendid News: Lord Trevelyan’s relatives have become much more careful about invoking the name of the Inquisition. In fact, they appear to be deliberately avoiding me as well, as if they’re afraid that the more the Inquisition scrutinizes them, the more may be made clear to our eyes. Just imagine!

I trust you are in good health. Tell me, how does the Left Hand of the Divine fare these days? Please pass on my compliments to Sister Leliana, whose work I always admire.

Best regards,

Lady Buttlefort


My Dear Lady Montilyet,

The Inquisitions denouncement of the Herald’s relatives who were attempting to trade on our name sent a tidal wave of gossip across the Free Marches. One of Lord Trevelyan’s distant relations, Lord Albrecht, was so incensed that he began an altercation with one of your soldiers! In a tavern, no less! Chaos erupted, and Lord Albrecht was reportedly brought low by a rolling pin and an angry cook.

Albrecht won’t soon forget this, but we’ve have such blessed peace ever since the incident.

Best Regards,

Lady Buttlefort


All advisors: 30 Influence

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