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Map-The Dead Trenches

Map of the Area


thumb|270px|First cutscene upon entering the Dead Trenches. The Dead Trenches is a location in the Deep Roads, accessible only once Ortan Thaig has been traversed.


The Fortress of Bownammar in the Deep Roads was once home to the majority of the Legion of the Dead and abandoned to the darkspawn only with great regret. It is now called the Dead Trenches. Caridin, the dwarven Paragon, created it long ago.

Areas of Note

  • The first bridge contains a wave of Darkspawn being fought by the Legion of the Dead.
  • Some of the smaller rooms contain traps.
  • Halfway through the second bridge, you will be ambushed by Darkspawn.
  • Hespith is in the small room just before the final large open area.
  • The Key to enter the Broodmother's Lair can be found in the southernmost room of the final large area.
  • Final area contains the boss battle against the Broodmother.



Items and Codex Entries

Ico armor massive Armor of the Legion, source: drop Hurlock Emissary
Ico boots massive Boots of the Legion, source: Sarcophagus
Ico gloves massive Gloves of the Legion, source: Sarcophagus
Ico helm heavy Helm of the Legion, source: Legionnaire Altar
Plt ico lod key Legionnaire Key, source: Legionnaire Altar
Codex Entry: Load Limit Reached, source: Rubble
Codex Entry: Orzammar History: Chapter Two, source: Statue (Paragon Branka)
Codex Entry: Stalata Negat, source: Runestones
Codex Entry: The Dead Caste, source: Sarcophagus and Hurlock Emissary
Codex Entry: The Gangue Shade, source: Legion of the Dead Relic
Codex Entry: The Shapers Life, (Multiple can be found)

Special Objects

  • Pressure Plate Traps, (Disarm for 40XP)
  • Tripwire Trap. One of them very special as it automatically sets itself up again after being triggered.
  • Omnious Door Locked and needs a key

Involved In

Ico Quest A Paragon of Her Kind
Ico Quest The Dead Caste
Ico Quest An Admirable Topsider



Ico Orzammar Deep Roads

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, Completing the Dead Trenches's map and defeating the Broodmother will unlock.

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