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The Dead Trenches is an underground fortress, accessible via the Deep Roads only after Ortan Thaig has been traversed.


Map of the area

Bownammar, also known as the City of the Dead was once the headquarters of the Legion of the Dead. The fortress was reclaimed by the dwarves and lost again to the darkspawn so many times that even the Memories cannot track it.[1] Eventually it was permanently lost in 9:13 Dragon only with great regret.[2] It is now called the Dead Trenches. Paragon Caridin designed it long ago and it is considered one of the finest works of the dwarves.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The first bridge contains a wave of darkspawn being fought by the Legion of the Dead. Halfway through the second bridge, the Warden will be ambushed by a large number of Shrieks.

In the final area, the Warden will face a broodmother.


  • Kardol and some Legionnaires of the The Legion of the Dead. They are fighting on the bridge when the Warden approaches, after the first battle the Warden can speak with Kardol about his mission there and the Blight.
  • Hespith: A member of House Branka. She is located in the small room just before the final large open area.
  • Laryn: A member of House Branka, now turned into a broodmother.


A Paragon of Her Kind A Paragon of Her Kind
An Admirable Topsider An Admirable Topsider
The Dead Caste The Dead Caste
The Gangue Shade The Gangue Shade
The Shaper's Life The Shaper's Life


Notable items[]

A statue found in a Legion of the Dead mausoleum

Armor of the Legion Armor of the Legion, source: Sarcophagus
Boots of the Legion Boots of the Legion, source: Sarcophagus
Gloves of the Legion Gloves of the Legion, source: Sarcophagus
Helm of the Legion Helm of the Legion, source: Legionnaire Altar
Legionnaire Key Legionnaire Key, source: Legionnaire Altar
Dead Caste Insignia Dead Caste Insignia, source: coffin - part of the Dead Caste side-quest
Topsider's Blade Topsider's Blade, source: dropped by the Ancient darkspawn in the south-central tunnel on the map (only available after acquiring An Admirable Topsider quest from the Warrior's Grave in Ortan Thaig).
Forge Master's Hammer Forge Master's Hammer, source: corpse of genlock forge master
Spear-Thrower Spear-Thrower, source: corpse of genlock forge master
Effort Effort, source: corpse of broodmother
Ring of Selection Ring of Selection, source: corpse of broodmother

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Load Limit Reached Codex entry: Load Limit Reached, source: Rubble
Codex entry: Orzammar History: Chapter Two Codex entry: Orzammar History: Chapter Two, source: Statue (Paragon Branka)
Codex entry: Stalata Negat Codex entry: Stalata Negat, source: multiple Runestones
Codex entry: The Dead Caste Codex entry: The Dead Caste, source: x3 Sarcophagi and Legionnaire Altar
Codex entry: The Gangue Shade Codex entry: The Gangue Shade, source: Legion of the Dead Relic
Codex entry: The Shaper's Life Codex entry: The Shaper's Life, source: Runestone


A statue of a legionnaire

  • Broken Chest (Darkspawn, Normal)
  • Fractured Stone (Stone, Normal)
  • Fractured Stone (Stone, Normal)
  • Fractured Stone (Stone, Critter)
  • Fractured Stone (Stone, Critter)
  • Fractured Stone (Stone, Normal)
  • Fractured Stone (Stone, Normal)


Forge Master's camp

Inside Bownammar

The Corruption


Special objects[]

  • x2 Pressure Plates (detect/disarm for 40 XP)
  • An automatically resetting tripwire, unless disarmed (40 XP difficulty); in order for a rogue to disable it, switch to 3rd-person top-down view and then move the mouse pointer along the tripwire to either side and into the wall until the disarm icon appears. (PC Only)
  • Ominous Door: Locked, needs a key that can be found in the southernmost room of the final large area in the Legionnaire Altar.


  • You must have received the quest to find Branka in order to get to the Dead Trenches. This area is only accessible once you have found Branka's journal in Ortan Thaig. Getting through the Dead Trenches leads to Anvil of the Void.

See also[]

Bownammer Plate Bownammer Plate


  1. Mentioned by Oghren while in this location.
  2. Dragon Age logo - new.png Dragon Age: The World of Thedas, vol. 1, p. 141