The De Montfort family is a noble family from Orlais with ties to Empress Celene I. As of 9:44 Dragon, Duke Cyril de Montfort is the head of the family.

History Edit

The dynasty first rose to prominence with Ser Gaston de Montfont, a chevalier who distinguished himself during the Fourth Blight by leading the cavalry at the Battle of Ayesleigh. Aterwards, Ser Gaston was granted Chateau Haine as a reward for his deeds.[1]

Clarisse de Montfort later married Prince Reynaud, the youngest brother of Emperor Florian, and the couple had one daughter, Celene Valmont.

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Dragon Age: The Masked Empire.

Duke Prosper along with Lady Mantillon, supported Celene in taking the Imperial throne. Prosper personally assisted Prince Reynaud in killing Lady Calienne de Ghislain in retaliation for the death of his cousin, Clarisse. Emperor Florian had Prosper sent away to try and deny Celene his aid[2]; when she became empress, Prosper resumed his place as one of Celene's most loyal supporters.

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Dragon Age II.

Celene arranged for Duke Prosper to work as an intermediary with a group of Tal-Vashoth led by Salit who were offering some undisclosed "weapon" of tremendous value. Duke Prosper arranged to meet them not far from his Free Marcher villa, Chateau Haine, at which he was hosting his seasonal Wyvern hunt as a cover. Unbeknownst to the Duke, one of his guests, Hawke the Champion of Kirkwall was being unwittingly unaccompanied by a Qunari Ben-Hassrath; Tallis. Leading Hawke into the Chateau under the pretext of robbing the Duke of a jewel he had allegedly stolen, Tallis attempted to recover the "weapon" before it could be delivered to the Empress. Both Hawke and Tallis were captured by Duke Prosper's troops and imprisoned in the Chateau Haine Dungeon.

While Hawke and Tallis found a way to escape, Duke Prosper went to meet Salit at The Ruins not far from the Chateau where Salit presented the Duke with a list of hidden Qunari operatives throughout Thedas. However, before Salit could explain the value of the list to Prosper, who had been expecting a more tangible sort of weapon, Hawke and Tallis interrupted the exchange. The Tal-Vashoth and Prosper's Chevaliers turned on each other and eventually both sides, along with the Duke himself, were killed in the battle.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Cyril succeeded his father as Duke and joined Orlais' Council of Heralds.

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Cyril acted as Orlais' ambassador during the Exalted Council called by Divine Victoria in 9:44, advocating for the Inquisition to become a vassal of Orlais.

Known members Edit

Duke Prosper

Duke Prosper

  • Ser Gaston de Montfont, a chevalier who rose to prominence during the Fourth Blight
  • Servana de Montfort, lover of the Black Fox, Remi Vascal
  • Amelie de Montfort, lady who knew Leandra Hawke, possibly Cyril's mother[3]
  • Duke Prosper de Montfort
  • Duke Cyril de Montfort
  • Duchess Clarisse de Montfort, wife of Prince Reynaud and mother of Empress Celene, cousin to Gaspard
  • Comte Guy de Montfort, provided Ser Michel de Chevin's letter of introduction to the Academie des Chevaliers

Family tree Edit

Unknown de Montfort
Unknown de Montfort
Prince Reynaud Valmont
Duchess Clarisse de Montfort
Duke Prosper de Montfort
Amelie de Montfort
Empress Celene Valmont I
Duke Cyril de Montfort

References Edit

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