The De Launcet Mansion is an estate in southwest Hightown owned by Comte de Launcet.

Involvement Edit

As part of their attempt to track down Emile de Launcet, a mage who is On the Loose, Hawke visits this mansion in order to ask his parents if they know his whereabouts.

De Launcet Mansion Map

Map of the area

Characters Edit

Notable items Edit

Hold DA2 Qunari Sword – chest in easternmost room

Containers Edit

  • Chest in the room north of the entrance.
  • 4 chests in the easternmost room. The room is booby trapped, but there is a disarming switch outside of the room near a statue.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 There is a chance of over 5DAO goldpiece trans spawning in a chest. It is generated when Hawke first enters the mansion, so if there is none, the player may reload and skip the cutscene to try to get it.
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