The De Ghislain family is one of Orlais' most powerful noble families.

History Edit

Upon the death of Duchess Marissa de Ghislain of the blue death in 8:96 Blessed, her younger brother Bastien returned home to assume the title and responsibilities of the thirty-third Duke of Ghislain. As a young man, he'd famously eschewed the Game in favor of living life as an outlaw, spy, minstrel, and general troublemaker. He had talent at being a bard, and even trained under the legendary Black Fox. Upon becoming duke, he left his former wild life behind to become a respectable noble: taking part in the Game, making the proper marriage, taking a seat on the Council of Heralds.[1] He had two children with his wife Nicoline: Calienne and Laurent. His daughter Calienne later went on to marry Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons.

After the death of Emperor Florian in 9:19 Dragon, Bastien supported his son-in-law for the throne. Calienne took a more active part in the Game, and arranged for Celene's mother, Clarisse de Montfort, to suffer a "hunting accident." In retaliation, her cousin Duke Prosper de Montfort and husband Prince Reynaud paid a visit to the de Ghislain estate and arranged for Calienne to have a hunting accident of her own. As Calienne always carried a poisoned stiletto up her sleeve, Prince Reynaud later died of "illness."[2]

At the Wintersend Ball of 9:16 Dragon, Bastien met Vivienne, a young mage from the Circle of Montsimmard, and immediately became enraptured. They started a love affair shortly after, creating an intense scandal at court. Bards and assassins were sent after them, all of which were skillfully thwarted by Bastien and Vivienne. The nobles remained vocally opposed to the match until a newly crowned Empress Celene named Vivienne Court Enchanter.[3] According to Vivienne, Duchess Nicoline was not angered by their arrangement at all, and actually considered Vivienne a friend.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

By 9:41 Dragon, Duke Bastien is still in a relationship with Vivienne. After the Inquisitor first arrives in Val Royeaux, Vivienne invites them to a party at the Ghislain Estate. Bastien himself is too sick to attend. Later on, his illness also prevents him from attending the peace talks in Halamshiral. Though Vivienne goes to great lengths to save her lover, there is nothing to be done for Duke Bastien, who dies peacefully in his bed.

Following his death, Bastien's son Laurent assumes the title of Duke as well as his position on the Council of Heralds. Later, Vivienne invites Duke Laurent and Grand Cleric Marcelline, Bastien's sister, to Skyhold to meet the Inquisitor as a way to further the Inquisition's power.

As a member of the Council of Heralds, Duke Laurent is one of the people the Inquisitor can call on for help during Dance with the Dowager: The Courante.

Known members Edit

  • Duchess Marissa de Ghislain, died of the blue death in 8:96 Blessed
  • Duke Bastien de Ghislain, thirty-third duke of Ghislain, head of the Council of Heralds, Vivienne's lover
  • Grand Cleric Marcelline, an influential voice among the Grand Clerics
  • Calienne de Ghislain, wife of Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons, murdered Celene's parents and was killed in return
  • Duke Laurent de Ghislain, son of Duke Bastien, member of the Council of Heralds

Family tree Edit

Duchess Marissa de Ghislain
Duke Bastien de Ghislain
Duchess Nicoline
Grand Cleric Marcelline
Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons
Calienne de Ghislain
Duke Laurent de Ghislain

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References Edit

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