The De Chalons family is one of Orlais' most powerful noble families.

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The De Chalons family has been one of the most prominent noble families of Orlais, especially since the marriage of Duke Theodore de Chalons with Princess Melisande Valmont, the only daughter of Emperor Judicael I, sometime in the Blessed Age. They had two children, Gaspard and Florianne, born in 8:74 and 8:87 Blessed respectively. Following the Hundred Days Cough of 8:77 which took the lives of Crown Prince Etienne III, Prince Leopold and Princess Evangeline, Grand Duke Gaspard became the eldest surviving grandchild of Judicael I and as such was raised to believe he would become Emperor. Gaspard married Calienne de Ghislain, daughter of Duke Bastien of the Council of Heralds. However, when Emperor Florian died in 9:19 Dragon without naming his successor, Celene outmaneuvered him and was named Empress by the Council of Heralds. Gaspard partly blames his lack of the Valmont name as a reason for Celene's victory over him.[1]

After Celene's ascension to the throne, Gaspard remained an influential figure in Orlais. One of the highest ranking nobles to ever become a chevalier, he also won the admiration and respect of his soldiers throughout his distinguished military career.[2] Gaspard also led the effort which successfully repelled a Nevarran invasion of Orlais, even besting the Nevarran commander in single combat despite Celene's attempts to undermine him.

Florianne kept her suite in the palace and gained a respected but unsubstantial place in Celene's cabinet of advisors. She developed a reputation as the least important member of the royal family.[3]

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Dragon Age: The Masked Empire.

Over the years, Gaspard became disillusioned with Celene's rule. In particular, he disapproved of her diplomatic approach to the mage problem and the elven uprisings. In 9:40 Dragon, Gaspard made a bid for Celene's throne, starting the War of the Lions.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In 9:41 Dragon, Grand Duchess Florianne calls for peace talks to be held in Halamshiral in the hopes of putting an end to the deadly civil war. Celene and Gaspard both attend the talks. Duke Germain de Chalons, Gaspard and Florianne's uncle as well as a member of the Council of Heralds, is present as well. The Inquisitor has the opportunity to speak to all three.

During the peace talks, the Inquisitor discovers that Florianne is actually an agent of Corypheus, who's promised to make her ruler of all Thedas in exchange for her help. In the end, the Inquisitor can handle the situation in several different ways, with varying consequences for the de Chalons family: Florianne, after being exposed as a traitor, can be killed or spared; Gaspard can become Emperor (either on his own or with Briala behind the scenes), be executed by Celene, or made to work with her again. If Gaspard is named Emperor, he retains the title of Grand Duke of Chalons in addition to this new title.[4]

If the Inquisitor asks the Dowager Mantillon for a dance during the ball, they can take part in a series of war table missions to acquire the Ylenn Basin. During Dance with the Dowager: The Courante, Duke Germain is one of the council heralds the Inquisitor can appeal to.

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Family tree Edit

Duke Theodore de Chalons
Princess Melisande Valmont
Duke Germain de Chalons
Calienne de Ghislain
Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons
Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons

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