You see, ser knight? We might die, but we'll be warned about it first.

Daveth is a human rogue and a Grey Warden recruit who the Warden meets at Ostagar. He is a temporary companion.

Background Edit

Daveth grew up in a small unmapped village a few days east of Ostagar, and near the Korcari Wilds. He fled from his village and his father as soon as he was able and later moved to Denerim, where he spent six years living as a career criminal.

While in Denerim, Daveth tried to cut Duncan's purse, only to be caught red-handed by the Grey Warden. He fled, but the guards caught him before Duncan could. With the guards seeking to hang him for repeated offenses, Duncan intervened with the Right of Conscription, simultaneously saving Daveth's life and recruiting him to the Grey Wardens. He does not survive the joining.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Daveth, The Warden, Alistair and Ser Jory are sent to the Korcari Wilds to find three vials of darkspawn blood to prepare for the Joining and to retrieve ancient Grey Warden treaties. In the course of trying to find the treaties, the party encounters Morrigan, who alarms Daveth, as he (correctly) believes her to be a Witch of the Wilds. However, she helps the party to retrieve the treaties and the party can return to camp to begin the Joining. Although he is apprehensive about the Joining, he is willing to risk it if it means he can help defeat the Blight, even expressing that he would be willing to die to stop it. His words prove prophetic as minutes later Daveth dies during his Joining, unable to overcome the deadly effects of drinking the ceremonial darkspawn blood potion.

Initial statistics Edit

Skills Edit

Skill-PoisonMaking icon Poison-MakingSkl ico combat2 Improved Combat Training

Talents Edit

Rogue Talent-DirtyFighting icon Dirty FightingSkl ico stealth 1 Stealth
Dual Weapon Talent dw dwtraining Dual-Weapon TrainingTalent dw finesse Dual-Weapon Finesse
Archery Talent arch pinningshot Pinning Shot

Equipment Edit

Weapons Ico longbow LongbowIco dagger Dagger (x2)
Armor Ico armor light Studded Leather armor set

He comes equipped with a longbow by default and Pinning Shot, but his lack of the Melee Archer ability and other Archery talents limits his use as an archer. If wishing to use Daveth as an archer, the player should set his tactics to switch to melee weapons if he is attacked by enemies. Despite being described as a cutpurse, Daveth is not a very good one; he cannot steal and is a very poor locksmith. He is unable to pick any of the locks in the Korcari Wilds area and few in the Ostagar camp unless you equip him with The High Regard of House Dace from The Golems of Amgarrak.

Quotes Edit

  • "A darkspawn, an abomination and a pony walk into a bar... stop me if you've heard this one."
  • "I'd sacrifice a lot more if I knew it would end the Blight."
  • "She'll put us all in the pot, she will. Just you watch."

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Bugs Edit

  • It is possible to use the Ostagar map hole to get the party to The Tower of Ishal early and skip the Joining. Daveth and Ser Jory will follow the main character from here on (except in Connor's Fade world, though they return afterward), and after the Tower of Ishal both Daveth and Ser Jory will be immortal in battle. Participating in the official Orzammar Proving removes the immortality. pcIcon pc v. 1.05
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