Darktown: Emeric's Investigation is an encounter in Dragon Age II accessible from Darktown during The First Sacrifice.

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Darktown: Emeric's Investigation is an underground area whose entrance is located in the south of Darktown in the Abandoned Mining Tunnels. The Darktown entrance to the encounter is labeled The Meeting Place. There is a deathroot to the left of the Darktown entrance.

The area contains one crate and two piles of bones.

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Dragon Age II.

After talking to Jethann, Hawke tracks the templar Emeric to Darktown. Upon entering Darktown: Emeric's Investigation, Hawke discovers Emeric being overwhelmed by Street Thugs. After saving Emeric from the thugs, Hawke can question him to discover that he's investigating the disappearance of the Circle mage Mharen, Ninette, and two other missing women. The women vanished with no ransom notes or bodies found. Emeric believes the disappearances may be linked; the City Guard disagrees with him, believing that the missing women just left home.

Emeric's Investigation map (DA2)

Map of the area

Emeric has come to Darktown while investigating Mharen's disappearance, because he's heard sympathizers are smuggling Circle Mages through Darktown. His questioning of the locals caused them to attack him. He says that his encounter with the thugs has shown him that he's too old for this work, and he hands his notes to Hawke to continue the investigation.

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  • Street Thug
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