An area of Kirkwall that is derelict and destitute, Darktown is a den of iniquity, where only the most pitiable souls dwell. They say it is only a step up from the elven Alienage, but at least the Alienage isn't polluted with chokedamp that covers the streets in a toxic fog.

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Undercity heraldry DA2

Undercity heraldry

Darktown was once a mine controlled by the Tevinter Imperium. Once exhausted, the mineshafts were extended under the city to dispose of sewage from Kirkwall's overcrowded population of slaves.

Unsurprisingly, the tunnels became a refuge for those fleeing captivity. A similar trend continues today. The "Undercity," as some call it, is home to the diseased, the insane, to criminals, and even the dead—unwanted corpses are often discarded here by murderers and lazy undertakers.

Darktown's slums makes Lowtown look pleasant in comparison. The foul miasma known as chokedamp clogs and swells in every corner of the Darktown, creating a poisonous mist. Its sewers are a dangerous place. The walls are damp, slick, and coated with phosphorescent lichen. The sewer is a maze, and one foolish enough to enter is not likely to be heard from again.

—From In Pursuit of Knowledge: The Travels of a Chantry Scholar, by Brother Genitivi
—From Codex entry: Kirkwall - Darktown

Built in the underground and sewers of Kirkwall, many Fereldan refugees fled into Darktown in desperation, after finding the gates of Kirkwall firmly shut due to the overflow of refugees fleeing the Fifth Blight.

Darktown is a hive of crime, with many criminal bases there. This is due to the non-existence of guards in the sewers, due to either Darktown being an unrecognised district, or purely because it is considered a lost cause. The dwarven Carta had a strong presence in Darktown following their elimination in Orzammar during the Blight. Slavers also prowl Darktown, likely searching for easy prey too feeble to fight back.

Disease is also widespread in Darktown, and its afflicted denizens either depend on the kindness of learned strangers to heal them, or simply wait as the disease spreads, lacking the funds to buy medicine.

Darktown Map

Map of the area

Places Edit

Anders's clinic icon Anders's Clinic
Darktown Icon Sanctuary (Act 1)
Darktown Icon Darktown: Emeric's Investigation (Act 2)
Darktown Icon Brekker's Hideaway (Act 2)
Darktown Icon Forgotten Lair (Act 2)
Darktown Icon Sewer Passage (Act 3)

Quests Edit

Act 1 Edit

Quest icon DA2 Enemies Among Us
Quest icon DA2 Wayward Son
Quest icon DA2 The Remains of Sister Plinth
Quest icon DA2 Redblossom Special
Quest icon DA2 Lyrium-Laced Bilge Hoop
Quest icon DA2 Grimoire of the Apprentice

Act 2 Edit

Quest icon DA2 Blackpowder Courtesy
Quest icon DA2 All That Remains
Quest icon DA2 Bounty Hunter
Quest icon DA2 The Fixer
Quest icon DA2 Sketchy on the Details

Act 3 Edit

Quest icon DA2 Favor and Fault
Quest icon DA2 Justice
Quest icon DA2 On the Loose
Quest icon DA2 Gamlen's Greatest Treasure

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Act 1 Edit

Deathroot DA2 Deathroot - on the south end of the map near the entrance to the sewers.
Deathroot DA2 Deathroot - in the Sanctuary during the quest Enemies Among Us, on the right, past the first group of shades.

Act 2 Edit

Deathroot DA2 Deathroot - next to the stairs in the bit before Anders's Clinic

Act 3 Edit

Deathroot DA2 Deathroot - on the south end past the giant wheel.


  • In every fight in Darktown, Anders will join in as an ally if he is not in the party and you lure the enemies to his clinic.

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