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The Darkspawn Invasion is a location in the Fade created by the Sloth demon that the Warden ventures during the Lost in Dreams questline. The Warden must work through an area completely overrun by "darkspawn."


Here the Warden encounters a Templar Spirit and he will grant the Warden his Spirit form. This form is to used to pass through spirit doors and access essences of spirit. To reach the Templar Spirit, the Warden will need the mouse form. While in Spirit form the Warden will benefit from several Ice spells and abilities.


Templar Spirit


Broken Circle Broken Circle
Lost in Dreams Lost in Dreams


Map-Darkspawn Invasion

Map of the area

Masquerading Darkspawn

Special objects[]

  • Special doors:
    • Mouse Hole - requires Mouse form.
    • Massive Door - requires Golem form.
  • Fade Pedestal - interacting with the pedestal transports the Warden to the travel map.
  • Essences and fonts (3 of 21 total throughout the entirety of this section of the Fade):
    • Essence of Cunning - the object can be found by entering the mouse hole in the first chamber to the right and then following the next mouse hole to the right again.
    • Font of Strength - the object can be found directly north of the starting room with the fade pedestal, locked by a massive door.
    • Essence of Willpower - the essence can be found in the room where the Warden acquires the Spirit ability, they will need to be in spirit form to acquire it.


  • Riordan mentions that darkspawn are soulless creatures; all darkspawn encountered here are demon creations based on the Warden's memories.

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