The Dark Wolf is a shady information broker of unknown identity. He operates in the Arling of Amaranthine.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

During the first meeting of the banns, talk to a lady named Ser Tamra to start the quest A Brewing Conspiracy. Although she does not know any names, she knows certain nobles that are still loyal to the now-deceased Arl Rendon Howe. When you talk with the Captain, depending on the options you select, he will inform the Warden-Commander of a man named "Dark Wolf", who can get information for a fee.

After this, when the Warden-Commander next arrives at to the City of Amaranthine, they are stopped by a messenger who provides a letter. The messenger says it's from "Ser Wolf" which hints that he knows he's being sought. Travel to the back gate to find a short suspicious man with a full knight's helmet on. He says that he can get you information for a price of 50DAO goldpiece trans. If he's paid, he finds the people meeting at Old Stark's Farm. This allows the Warden to travel there and quell the conspiracy.

When he finds out the information, the Warden has the option to either let him go, or take him into custody, in which case he and four assassins dressed as City Guards will attack the party.

Notes Edit

  • At the completion of Steal the teyrn's crown as part of the Crime Wave quest line in Dragon Age: Origins, Slim Couldry mentions that there are people who call you the Dark Wolf. If you import a character that completed this quest to Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening you're able to both lie to the seneschal that you've never heard of this person, and confront the Dark Wolf on the fact that you're the real Dark Wolf. He will express surprise, because he believed the previous Dark Wolf had been imprisoned and killed.
  • You will not get your gold back if you kill him after getting the information.
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