The Dark Foundry is a mysterious foundry located in Lowtown.

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Dragon Age II.

Emeric informs Hawke that Mharen's trail ended in the Foundry District in Lowtown. In the foundry, Hawke sees a mage flee from the scene and finds a sack of bones which contains a severed hand, a ring which belongs to Ninette and a pile of bones. Hawke later returns to discover that the Killer's Lair is actually located beneath the foundry.

Hawke and Isabela also return to the foundry later when they discover it is where Wall-Eyed Sam intends to sell the Tome of Koslun to agents of the Tevinter Imperium. The Qunari ambush the meeting and both sides are killed before Hawke and their companions flee.

Dark Foundry Map

Map of the area


Quest icon DA2 The First Sacrifice (Act 1)
Quest icon DA2 To Catch a Thief (Act 2)
Quest icon DA2 All That Remains (Act 2)

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Formula Design: Rune of Fire
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