Danzig is a slaver working in Darktown.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Danzig is involved in the quest Wayward Son. Danzig assumes Hawke and his/her companions are "volunteers," but then realizes that they are not slaves when Hawke (with or without Fenris's help) inquires about the location of the slavers den. If Fenris is in the party, Hawke can leave Danzig to him, in which case he will "make him talk" by reaching inside Danzig's chest. Danzig will hastily give up what he knows about Feynriel. Hawke can choose to spare him, in which case he will leave with his men, or kill him, which leads to a fight with the remaining slavers. If Fenris is not in the party, Hawke will be forced to fight Danzig along with his men. A note can be looted from Danzig's body detailing Feynriel's whereabouts.

Drops Edit

3DAO goldpiece trans 19DAO silverpiece trans 23DAO bronzepiece trans

Plot item DA2 Map to The Wounded Coast

Quotes Edit

  • "Why, look here, boys. Volunteers! Clap 'em in irons, and let's see what the Tevinters will pay for them."
  • (After Fenris uses his 'talent' to make Danzig talk) "Andraste's great flaming ass! How did you do that?"
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