Danyla is a Dalish elf missing in the Brecilian Forest.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

Meeting Danyla triggers the side quest Lost to the Curse. Danyla's husband, Athras, can also give the Warden this side quest at the Dalish camp.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Danyla has been cursed and turned into a werewolf. She is found in the western section of the East Brecilian Forest. She tells the Warden that all is not as it seems; that the werewolves are no longer mindless, murderous monsters, and that the Warden should travel to the center of the forest to find out more. She then asks the Warden to take her scarf to her husband, Athras, at the Dalish camp so that he will not suffer and wonder about her fate.

In great pain, she begs the Warden to kill her and put her out of her misery. Agreeing to kill Danyla yields +1 approval from Wynne and +1 approval from Leliana. Should you refuse to kill her, or stall by asking too many questions, she will attack in a fit of desperation, forcing the Warden to put her down.

If you can use Persuasion to ask more questions, and also promise to kill her, when she finally becomes hostile she will be at half health.

The Warden can also opt not to engage Danyla with a conversation and instead return to Athras after the main quest is over. Athras will look for Danyla himself after the curse has been lifted.

The scarf she gives to the Warden can also be traded with the Mad Hermit to acquire The Grand Oak's acorn. This will not affect the outcome of Lost to the Curse.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

If the Warden cured the werewolves of their curse, a Dalish woman in the Wounded Coast says that a man who was once a werewolf murdered her mother, who was named Danyla. It is therefore possible, though not clarified, that this woman is the daughter of Danyla and Athras, and that the man she accuses is the one who turned Danyla into a werewolf.

Danyla's Daughter

If the Warden sided with Zathrian, meanwhile, her daughter confronts an innocent bystander who is confused over what's going on.

If the Warden sided with the werewolves, the Dalish do not appear there at all.

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