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Daniel is a member of the Seekers of Truth.


Daniel was Cassandra Pentaghast's apprentice. He remained with the Seekers of Truth and the Templar Order while Cassandra joined the Inquisition.


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Dragon Age: Redemption.

Daniel attempted to track down Tallis in the aftermath of the incident with the Templar Cairn and the renegade Qunari Saarebas in the hopes of possibly securing her as an agent for the Chantry, but was ultimately unsuccessful.[1]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

While investigating Caer Oswin for the missing Seekers, the Inquisitor and Cassandra come upon Daniel. He reveals that he was force-fed red lyrium, which he compares to a demon. He then reveals that Lord Seeker Lucius had betrayed the Seekers, having operated out of Caer Oswin the whole time, sending the Seekers to be captured one-by-one by the Order of Fiery Promise.

Cassandra laments that he should've joined her because he didn't support the Mage-Templar War anymore than she did. Daniel jokes that he wanted a promotion by remaining with the Seekers. Cassandra then grants him a mercy-killing to spare him any further pain.


Promise of Destruction Promise of Destruction


  • According to Cassandra, he was skilled and knew about it, but remained "attentive, to the point of irritation at times. He was under the impression that I had something to teach him." [2]