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Danella is a soldier serving at Vigil's Keep. According to Varel, she is an accomplished scout.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

During A Day In Court she is brought before the Warden-Commander for desertion, having abandoned her post and been caught three leagues away. She states that she had repeatedly asked her old captain for leave because the darkspawn had been sighted near her family's farm and that they need her. Even if this had not happened during a time of war, the penalty for desertion would still be execution. The Commander can:

  • Have her executed for desertion.
  • Have her imprisoned for one year due to her motives mitigating the desertion.
  • Have her bring the family to Vigil's Keep and start over (this option results in her being released from her oath and she "promises" to return).
  • Let the Seneschal decide (he will have Danella executed).

If Danella is executed, there will be some disgruntled soldiers of the Vigil's Keep among the rioters during The Peasant Revolution and the Warden-Commander will not be able to talk down the rioters. If Danella is imprisoned, it will be viewed as a just decision among the people. If Danella is released (allowed to leave and bring her family to Vigil's Keep) despite her desertion, it will encourage further desertions; this option will also have repercussions with the men during the final battle.

Note: If Ser Tamra initiated the quest A Brewing Conspiracy and the quest is completed (but not completed by choosing "to not do anything") by the time this court session takes place or if Anders iniated the aforementioned quest, then the case of Danella will be presented instead of Ser Temmerly's.


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