Dance with the Dowager: The Courante is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is the second in a two-chain operation.


This operation becomes available after completing Dance with the Dowager: The Allemande.

Operation text

My Dear Inquisitor,

You dance as beautifully as I remembered. Are you ready for the second movement? The allemande is typically followed by a courante, in which the steps are much faster, almost running.

The Comte de Poisson so enjoyed your last maneuver that he is now racing to petition the Council of Heralds for recognition of his claim to Ylenn. I was the first one he contacted, of course, because while the young man is prone to missteps, he is not a complete fool. He is very likely to reach out to Duke Cyril de Montfort or Duke Germaine next. Cyril is the youngest and most persuadable of the Council, and Germaine is the oldest and most likely to support a claim of any old Orlesian nobility over the donation of lands to a new Andrastian cause. You should make your own move allegrissimo.

Marquise Mantillon

Advisor suggestions

Josephine - 4:00:00

The Duke of Ghislain already has connections to us. We could speak with him first.

Leliana - 3:12:00

Comtesse MontBelliard, "The Silver Lady of Churneau," is our best ally here.

Cullen - 4:00:00

We should speak with duke Cyril. By all accounts, he's reasonable. We could win him to our side.


All advisors

To whom it concerns:

We, the Council of Heralds, declare the Ylenn Basin the holdings of the Inquisition, and all revenues and oaths from these lands should be tendered thus as to a titled lord until such time as the Inquisition is dissolved or the holdings lawfully granted elsewhere.

Marquise Mantillon
Cyril de Montefort
Etienne de Chevin
Lothair Doucy
Solange Montebelliard
Laurent de Ghislain
Germain de Chalons



  • Random Gold (~111-130)


  • Random Gold (~97-190)


  • Random Gold (~139-180)


  • Courante was a popular court dance in early modern Europe. It was typically used as the second movement after allemande.
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