Many factions occupy the Exalted Plains of the Dales in 9:41 Dragon, and the Dalish elves are amongst them. Keeper Hawen and his clan presently find themselves stuck in between the two conflicting sides of the ongoing War of the Lions, while currently residing at the Dalish Encampment.

Background Edit

As the Dalish were traveling through the Dales, the Orlesian civil war grounded them, as the elves' aravels were damaged, and their halla sustained injuries due to the armies' fox holes. Additionally, the Freemen of the Dales invade the area and raise the dead; the clan becomes plagued by demons and corpses, and few of the clan go missing. Valorin, a young mage, ran away after being denied in becoming the Keeper's apprentice, or the Keeper's First; and Taven, who embarked on an expedition to the Emerald Graves in order to find the fabled Din'an Hanin.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

As part of the Inquisition's investigation into the War of the Lions, the Inquisitor arrives in the Exalted Plains, and incidentally stumbles upon the Dalish. As the Inquisitor investigates the camp, it becomes clear the clan is in trouble and requires some outside help.

Among the Dalish, most of whom are initially rather cold towards the Inquisitor, is Loranil, who does not shun the Inquisitor, and in fact hopes he could join the Inquisition. However, the clan's Keeper, Hawen, does not allow him to go.

In order to convince the Keeper to let the young man go, the Inquisitor needs to gain the DAIApproval Dalish favor by completing various tasks around the camp, such as clearing a demon-infested graveyard, or providing resources required to fix the aravels.

Characters Edit

The members of Keeper Hawen's unnamed clan include:

  • Hawen, the clan's Keeper
  • Taven, Hawen's First (absent from the camp)
  • Ithiren, the halla keeper
  • Nissa, responsible for resource gathering
  • Master Taniel, the merchant and craftsmaster
  • Emalien, one of the clan members
  • Valorin, Emalien's mage brother (absent from the camp)
  • Olafin, a hunter (absent from the camp)

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI By the Grace of the Dalish
Quest icon DAI A Dalish Perspective
Quest icon DAI The Spoils of Desecration
Quest icon DAI The Knights' Tomb
Quest icon DAI Bestow Mourning Halla
Quest icon DAI From the Beyond
Quest icon DAI A Well-Stocked Camp
Quest icon DAI The Golden Halla
Quest icon DAI Someone to Lose
Quest icon DAI Something to Prove
Quest icon DAI The Spoils of Desecration

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