See Dalish Elf Origin for the Dalish Camp encountered during that quest.

When you travel to the Brecilian Outskirts via the World Map you will arrive at the Dalish Camp, residence of the Dalish Elves.


Map-Dalish Camp

Map of the Area

The Dalish Camp is found in the Brecilian Outskirts, led by their keeper Zathrian. They have some conflicts with their neighbours the werewolves. The Dalish elves are a nomadic peoples, and thus all of their equipment and homes are built to be mobile. The Warden will see several aravels or large carts or wagons that are pulled by Halla. The camp is merely a temporary place of residence for the Dalish until they decide to move elsewhere in the world. The Dalish do not plan, and rarely share, their movements with anyone, even members of other clans. This particular camp is located near ancient ruins housing a group of vicious werewolves.



  • Various herbs.
  • A chest to the left of Zathrian, however, examining it draws Lanaya's attention and she asks you to leave it alone. With a high enough coercion skill, it is possible to get past her and obtain the Song Book within. (Tried and failed with lvl4 Coercion + 32 Cunning, this lie seems too obvious to get past.) However, if you choose to leave it alone and then try to open the chest again, Lanaya will accuse you of stealing from the chest (even though you haven't as a third attempt yields the book) and she will become very harsh towards you, preventing you from asking any more questions about the Dalish people or Zathrian. Additionally, if you have not already spoken to Sarel he will refuse any attempts at conversation. If you examine the chest after siding with the elves, Lanaya does not try to stop you or accuse you of stealing, and you may take the song book without repercussion.

Special Objects

Object-Colored Inks

Colored Inks

  • Colored Inks can be inspected to gain Codex Entry: Vallaslin: Blood Writing.
  • Various totems and statues that also give Codex entries. There are two totems attached to the wheels of some of the Dalish aravels, these totems take the shape of a what seems to be an ox's skull. The Codex entries explain the polytheistic religion of the Dalish elves, with each statue or totem representing a different deity.

Involved In

Ico Quest Nature of the Beast
Ico Quest Cammen's Lament
Ico Quest Elora's Halla
Ico Quest Lost to the Curse
Ico Quest Rare Ironbark
Ico Quest Wynne's Regret

Random Encounters

These are some of the possible random encounters you may experience when travelling to this destination (especially from Denerim).

Ico Area Map Dark Forest
Ico Area Map Forest Clearing
Ico Area Map Gentle Path
Ico Area Map Rocky Road
Ico Area Map Strange Wood
Ico Area Map Twisted Forest
Ico Area Map Wooded Highway
Ico Area Map Wooded Hills


Ico Forest West Brecilian Forest

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