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Daisycutter is a waraxe in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


This axe can be found in a sarcophagus in the Avvar Deep Crypt in Vigil's Keep - Basement. The crypt must be unlocked with four keys, one of which is found in the basement and three in Vigil's Keep - Deep Roads which can be accessed after completing one of the main quests. See these quests for details:

Golem's Might Golem's Might

The Wraith's Vengeance The Wraith's Vengeance


  • xbox360xbox360Causes weapons to slowly pulse blue even when not equipped Confirmed that the first weapon you equip after the Daisycutter will be pulsing blue.
  • The telekinetic enchantment on this weapon is seemingly meant to convey the bonus of the spell Telekinetic Weapons but in reality has no effect. It's also possible that the Telekinetic effect is just an explanation of why a two-handed axe can be used in one hand.


  • This weapon is actually a one-handed axe with a two-handed axe model. Several unofficial mods address this -- one mod scales down the size of the Daisycutter weapon model, while an earlier mod replaces the model with one of the six Origins waraxe models.
  • The name is a reference to the nickname of the BLU-82 one of the largest conventional bombs in United States military history. So named for its use in clearing enough forest space to land a helicopter.