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Dairren is the son of Lady Landra and Bann Loren and is encountered during the Human Noble Origin. He is the the son of a minor Lord, a lesser noble who often tends to the needs of a higher noble.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

He arrives at Castle Cousland in Highever with Lady Landra and Iona, and is scheduled to ride off to battle with Teyrn Bryce Cousland as his Second.

While the Human Noble goes to seek out Fergus they will run into Teyrn Eleanor Cousland entertaining Lady Landra, her son Dairren, and Iona.

If the noble is a male warrior, Dairren will mention the two sparred in the past, the noble winning easily.

If the noble is female he will compliment her on her beauty and a female noble can then flirt back by saying "You're looking handsome yourself". Eleanor Cousland will then make a snide remark about it being hard to find a suitor for her regardless of her beauty. Dairren will then chastise her by saying that the Female Noble has a mind of her own which opens up another flirting option "Perhaps we should speak alone sometime Dairren".

Dairren will then retire to the study where he will remain until Nightfall. If approached in the study he will admire the collection of books in the study and ask whose collection it is. Dairren can reveal that years prior he wanted to join the Chantry as a scholar given his passion for books, his father however forbade it as it was his duty to become heir.

Dairren's interest in books leads him to consider topics such as magic. If the Human Noble mention a book of Brother Timious called "The Dragons of Tevinter", Dairren is intrigued by the Timious' theory on the nature of dragons and how they connect to darkspawn. In case the Human Noble mention a book of Brother Capria called "The Art of Passionate Love", Dairren say that was banned by the Chantry and that he never read it.

There then will be several opportunities to compliment or otherwise flirt with him regardless of the Noble's gender. If the player takes advantage of at least two of these (including any previous opportunities that might have occurred in the stairway), then the player will gain a new dialogue option to suggest that he come back to the player's room that night for something of an intimate nature.

He is murdered during the taking of Castle Cousland and can be referenced to their Mother by saying "Those men killed Dairren".


Human Noble Origin Human Noble Origin
Sweet Iona / Sweet Dairren Sweet Iona / Sweet Dairren (conditional)

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