Dagna: Overdue Penalties is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available after competing the operation The Arcanist and the Fade and the main quest Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts. The operation is only available in world states where the Warden did not aid Dagna in going to the Circle to study magic in Dragon Age: Origins, otherwise the operation Dagna: Mind Your Mentor is acquired.

Operation text Edit


I'm afraid I have what the Ancestors would call "A Real Pickle." It seems that learning magical theories from any and all sources, and perhaps stealing a tome or two, can earn a dwarf a certain level of enmity. Meaning Assassins. From Tevinter. But not those assassins, and not that Tevinter, I guess? They're Templars. Is That better? I suspect it isn't better, serving that Black Divine of theirs.

So, unfortunately they are coming, and this has nothing to do with you or your cause, but I write this on the off chance that you could make them disappear? That would be ever so helpful. And if not, that's all right. I just don't want you alarmed if someone reports a fuss of some sort.

Arcanist Dagna

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 2:24:00 Edit

Perhaps this is an opportunity to extend a hand to the Imperial Chantry? Not regarding Dagna, of course, but we have a common enemy in Corypheus.

Leliana - 3:00:00 Edit

We can keep watch, but Dagna seems perfectly capable of handling her own affairs. That is what makes her valuable.

Cullen - 3:00:00 Edit

Templars of the Imperial Chantry are very different from ours, but I can attempt to address them as such.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

Our appeal to the Imperial Chantry was met with gracious ceremony. They assured us that Dagna will be left in our care and that further communication and exchange would be welcomed so long as the broken sky is shared by all.

It was, frankly, the most adept glad-handing I've ever experienced, and I am thoroughly in need of a bath. Should we have cause to engage them in future, I would approach with great care. Unsurprisingly, the Imperial Chantry is adept at the manipulation of words.

Leliana Edit

Dagna has resolved her Tevinter templar issue by herself, alarmingly:

No more trouble from assassins, Inquisitor. Mage-hunters always aim too high. Don't mind the silhouettes. They'll fade with a good rain.

Arcanist Dagna

Cullen Edit

On the Matter of the Imperial templars hunting Dagna, our soldiers communicated how much resistance they could expect to face, and that their masters likely did not intend for them to make an enemy of the Inquisition. They gave up their hunt and returned to Tevinter.

What is interesting is that the next night, two Imperial templars arrived at our border. They seek asylum and wish to know more about you. It seems our soldiers represented you well, Inquisitor.

Rewards Edit

Josephine Edit

  • 60 Influence

Leliana Edit

  • 30 Influence

Cullen Edit

  • 120 Influence
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