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“Our world is full of so many injustices.”

Cyrion Tabris is the father of the City Elf Warden and head of the Tabris family. He will only be encountered by a City Elf Warden. Cyrion is also the uncle of Shianni and Soris.


Cyrion was once married to an elf named Adaia, a skilled warrior or rogue (dependent on the Warden's class) who trained their child, but was subsequently killed by human guards. He spent many years as a servant in Bann Rodolf's Denerim estate, which has left him wealthier than most in the alienage.[1]

Cyrion brought Shianni from her freehold home to the Elven Alienage in Denerim after the death of her mother. To ease her fears, he gave her a stuffed Mabari toy belonging to the City elf Warden.[2]


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Cyrion congratulates the City Elf on their wedding and gives them Adaia's Boots. He can also be convinced to allow Nessa to board with him. After the incident with Arl Urien's heir, Vaughan Kendells, Cyrion can be spoken to again before the City Elf leaves with Duncan to join the Grey Wardens.

When The Warden returns they discover there is Unrest in the Alienage during the Landsmeet. Cyrion has been taken prisoner by slavers and the Warden has the option to save him, let him to be taken as a slave in Tevinter, or have him been killed as part of Caladrius' blood ritual. If the City Elf Warden saves their father and did not accept Vaughan's deal, he will thank them and gift them Fang, Adaia's dagger, a family heirloom from the time of The Dales. If the City Elf Warden accepted Vaughan's offer, Cyrion will refuse to speak to them.

Furthermore, Cyrion will be present at the Royal Palace at the end of the game, if the Warden is a City Elf and survived the battle with the Archdemon.

If the City Elf Warden makes the ultimate sacrifice, he is made First Bann of the alienage by either Anora or Alistair, dependent on who ends up on the throne.

If the Warden is not a City Elf, Elder Valendrian will be there instead of Cyrion. If Valendrian is there, Cyrion will have already been shipped off by the slavers. He mentions that it was his many years of experience as a servant at Bann Rodolf's estate which made the Tevinters take him as a slave.


City Elf Origin City Elf Origin
Unrest in the Alienage Unrest in the Alienage



  • Cyrion: (on revealing the City Elf's training) "Your martial training...the swordplay, knives, and whatever else your mother trained you in. Best not to mention it to your betrothed."
  • Warden: "She'll/he'll find out sooner or later."
  • Cyrion: "Later. Definitely later. We don't want to seem like troublemakers, after all. Adaia made that mistake."


  • According to Soris, Cyrion seems to have some interest in the Dalish, and used to tell the City elf Warden stories as a child about "happy wood elves living far from humans."
  • Cyrion is one of the only two parents of the potential Warden to survive the events of Dragon Age: Origins. The other surviving parent is Kalah, the Dwarf Commoner's mother.


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