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Cyrion's Home is the residence of Cyrion Tabris and the City Elf Warden. The City Elf Warden will wake up here on the morning of their wedding day.

If the Warden is not a City Elf Cyrion's home will first be opened during the Unrest in the Alienage quest. When entered, the Warden can see Soris standing next to the fireplace if he was rescued. The Warden is greeted and thanked for the help Soris was given.



City Elf Origin[]

A Day for Celebration A Day for Celebration

Dragon Age: Origins[]

Unrest in the Alienage Unrest in the Alienage


Bug icon Bug! After completing the quest 'Unrest in the Alienage', talking to Soris and selecting any dialogue along the lines of 'Can you tell me about what's going on here?' will reset “Unrest in the Alienage”—as will letting him mention the plague. However, the quest cannot complete again.

It is recommended not to engage in dialogue with him, as to avoid this bug from occurring, or select the dialogue options "I don't need a reward." followed by "I should go.", if there is a desire to engage in conversation.