Lord Cyril de Montfort is the son of Duke Prosper de Montfort. He meets Hawke during his father's annual wyvern hunt celebration at Chateau Haine.


Mark of the Assassin

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Dragon Age II.

When Hawke and Tallis try to enter Chateau Haine, they are looking for a key. After some research, they find out that it is in Cyril's possession. Tallis tries to seduce Cyril, as she did with the guards before him, but he shows no sign of interest. The responsibility then falls to Hawke. After Cyril shows some interest in the Champion of Kirkwall, one of three things may happen:

  • Cyril asks Hawke to go and get him a glass of wine, which is the perfect opportunity for Tallis to spike it with a sedative. After Hawke gives Cyril the glass of wine, the noble drinks it and falls to the floor unconscious.
  • Hawke flirts with Lord Cyril by getting in close and whispering something in his ear while inconspicuously looting the key from him.
  • Hawke beats Cyril unconscious with a not so subtle punch followed by a knee to the face.
In any scenario that is chosen, Hawke eventually loots the key from Cyril and enters Chateau Haine.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After his father's death Cyril inherited his title, and joined Orlais' Council of Heralds. He attends the peace talks at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral in the Dales, hoping to bring an end to the War of the Lions.

During the War Table mission Dance with the Dowager: The Courante, Marquise Mantillon suggests appealing to Cyril to claim the disputed region of Ylenn for the Inquisition. Cullen agrees with Mantillon, but Leliana and Josephine suggest speaking with other council members instead.


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Two years after the Elder One's defeat, both Orlais and Ferelden have grown wary of the Inquisition's unchecked power and call the Inquisitor forth to answer for their actions. Cyril is the Orlesian representative of the Exalted Council. He desires to turn the Inquisition into a vassal military of Orlais and his polite demeanor in contrast to Arl Teagan Guerrin's gruff attitude to the Inquisitor belies a subtle means to negotiate to that end.


  • Cyril de Montfort appears to be bisexual as he can show signs of interest in both a male Hawke and female Hawke.
  • Cyril mentions that his mother was a friend of Leandra Amell when both were young.
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