Lord Cyril is the son of Duke Prosper. He is first encountered during the party at Chateau Haine.


When Hawke and Tallis try to enter Chateau Haine, they are looking for a key. After some research, they find out that it is in Cyril's possession. As she did with the guards before him, Tallis tries to seduce Cyril, but he shows no sign of interest. The responsiblity then falls to Hawke. After Cyril shows some interest in the Champion of Kirkwall, one of three things may happen:

  • Cyril asks Hawke to go and get him a glass of wine, which is the perfect opportunity for Tallis to spike it with a sedative. After Hawke gives Cyril the glass of wine, the noble drinks it and fall to the floor unconscious.
  • Hawke flirts with Lord Cyril by getting in close and whispering something in his ear while inconspicuously looting the key from him.
  • Hawke beats Cyril unconscious with a not so subtle punch followed by a knee to the face.


Hawke loots the key from Lord Cyril and enters Chateau Haine.


  • Cyril de Montford appears to be bisexual as he can show signs of interest in both a male Hawke and female Hawke.
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