For the son of Prosper, see Cyril de Montfort.

Cyril is a Fereldan smuggler operating out of the Arling of Amaranthine. He is an antagonist in Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Warden's Fall.

In exchange for money, he cooperates with Mother's minions. He tricks people into letting him lead them safely into the City of Amaranthine. But in reality, he is taking them to a location specified by an agent for Mother. The lured refugees are then either killed or taken by darkspawn.

He is tracked down by Kristoff, a Grey Warden investigating the attacks. He commits suicide by jumping off the top of Guard House in Amaranthine when Kristoff finally catches him.

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

He is the one who points Kristoff to Blackmarsh, where Kristoff is killed.

Trivia Edit

  • He is a gambler, attending Blood Duel, an underground Amaranthine fight club.
  • He has a big scar across his face.
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