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This article is about the gift. For the creature, see Schmooples.
Oooh, it's one of those cute subterranean bunny-pigs! Come here, you!―Leliana

Cute Nug is a plot gift for Leliana in Dragon Age: Origins. It gives Approves (+10) (with diminishing returns) and becomes Leliana's pet dubbed Schmooples. Once gifted, it will appear in the Party Camp next to her.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

If you speak to Leliana while in Orzammar it will trigger a discussion in which she tells you how cute she thinks nugs are (at approval 80+ approximately). This enables a dialogue option with the Idle Dwarf in Dust Town in which you can ask him to catch you a nug. The Idle Dwarf will reappear with the Cute Nug after you leave the area and return (you can just enter a house and come out).

Note that Leliana will not automatically tell you how she wishes she had a nug for a pet. You must either have completed her companion quest or be in a romance with her. If she does not tell you about her desire for a pet nug the first time you bring her to Orzammar, try bringing her back again after you enter a romance with her or have finished her quest.

You may also need to initiate several conversations with her in the Party Camp if you have not spoken to her very often. The cutscene will not start if she has a large number of conversations that have not been triggered.