Cut content details plot elements that were cut from the final version of a game in the Dragon Age series.

Dragon Age: Origins

  • Originally, the human race had three origins; Noble, Mage, and Commoner. However, the Commoner origin was cut due to the story not fitting the tone of the game, as well as time constraints. The Human Commoner was from a farm in Redcliffe Village and some dialogue for this origin can still be found in the game files. At one time, there was also a barbarian origin.[1]
  • Dwyn was intended to be the villain in the Human Commoner Origin, which was cut from the game very early on. He is described in the toolset as a loan shark; a "generally nasty guy", "slick and mean with a greedy streak a mile wide. Lecherous." The human commoner's parents were to have taken out a loan from Dwyn.

Dragon Age II

  • The writers weren't sure Anders would be the Awakening character coming over to Dragon Age II and merging with Justice — for a while it was going to be Velanna.[5]
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot was intended to be featured in Anders's Clinic in Dragon Age II; however, the developers did not have enough time to make a new model. It was later suggested that Anders have a cat skull on his staff, but David Gaider said that it was "cruel".[6]
  • Shale was to appear in the cut plot "Finding Shale" for Dragon Age II. The plot was replaced with Finding Nathaniel.[7]
  • Merin was intended to join the Grey Wardens if he survived the Fool's Gold quest.[8]
  • Orsino was never intended as a boss if siding with the mages, but was included as BioWare felt that the game needed another boss.[6]
  • The DLC Exiled Prince was originally intended to focus around Sebastian Vael and Nathaniel Howe, but the concept was changed due to the possibility of Nathaniel's execution.[6]
  • Originally, there was a plot about the templars pursuing Hawke or Bethany. This pursuit would have been part of the impetus to go into the Deep Roads; they needed to leave town to escape.[9]
  • There was a plot that involved going into the Fade that dealt with Hawke being a mage. The plot was cut because it was complicated and wasn't working well.[10]
DAII Shriek 1

A shriek in Dragon Age II

  • In Legacy DLC, shrieks were supposed to appear, but they were cut in the end for unknown reasons.

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