Cursed Dance is a creature ability in Dragon Age: Origins.

Used by Edit

Information Edit

  • Area of effect: 12m self-centered sphere.
  • Female targets are knocked down, and suffer -20 penalty to mental, physical, and all elemental resistances for 10 seconds.
  • All other targets must pass a mental resistance check against the desire demon's strength or fall asleep for 5 seconds. During this duration, the targets also take 25 spirit damage, and cannot heal or regenerate health, as if affected by a Curse of Mortality.

Notes Edit

  • This is not a spell, so it cannot be dispelled or negated by spell protection.
  • When a sleeping creature takes damage, all sleep effects will be removed along with all other effects from the same abilities. Because of this, the spirit damage over time will immediately remove all effects caused by this ability, including the damage over time effect itself.

Bugs Edit

  • This ability has the same bug as Curse of Mortality. The health regeneration penalty only affects out-of-combat health regeneration.
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