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Cullen is a Templar who can be found during the Magi Origin story and later during the Broken Circle quest. He initially is a somewhat timid person, but is later revealed to have acquired a deep prejudice toward all mages. He is also present in Dragon Age II, as a Knight-Captain in Kirkwall.


Not much is known about Cullen's past other than that he joined the Chantry and became a Templar. He was assigned a post as a guard in the Circle Tower to watch over the Circle of Magi where he developed hidden feelings for one of the mage apprentices - which a few of the other apprentices gossip about.


Dragon Age: Origins


Dragon Age II

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Cullen appears again in Dragon Age II in Kirkwall, now a Knight-Captain and second-in-command to Knight-Commander Meredith where he is involved in several quests and can be talked to during the developing Acts. Hawke first meets Cullen during the quest Enemies Among Us, where he is interrogating a Templar recruit about other recruits who have been recently disappearing.

Cullen's view on mages and magic have developed since his service under Knight-Commander Greagoir. As a Templar, Cullen accepts his duty to monitor the Circle of Magi and bring apostates to the Circle. As the story progresses, Cullen begins to confess that Knight-Commander Meredith is leading the Kirkwall Templar Order down a path he does not believe in. Cullen maintains the Templar Order's purpose is not only to protect the population from magic, but also to protect the mages the Templars are sworn to oversee. As a result he begins to have doubts about his loyalty to Meredith versus his loyalty to the Templar Order.

During the Act 3 Finale, Cullen and the other Templars attack the Gallows after Meredith invokes the Right of Annulment. If Hawke sides with the Templars, he/she will be asked to decide the fate of 3 mages who surrender. Cullen remarks that some mages were saved at the Lake Calenhad Circle. If Hawke asks Cullen for an opinion, Cullen questions the necessity of annulling the Kirkwall Circle. He says the situation at Lake Calenhad was more dire, where abominations were running loose. In response, Meredith asks Cullen if he would take responsibility if it is proven that their prisoners are blood mages, Cullen answers that he believes that is what being a templar is about.


During the final confrontation with Meredith, Cullen orders her to step down when she orders Hawke to be executed. Meredith will accuse him and the surviving Templars of being blood mage thralls, and attack. Cullen will fight alongside Hawke.

If Hawke sided with the mages in the Act 3 finale, he will stand down after Meredith's defeat and allow Hawke to leave the city peacefully.

If Hawke sided with the Templars in the Act 3 finale, he and the surviving Templars kneel before Hawke after Meredith's defeat, earning the respect of the Templars, and the position of Viscount.

Note: You can speak to Cullen in Act 1 after the quest Enemies Among Us. If you choose the option "The Order needs to change", you can gain Friendship small Anders: friendship (+5) Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+5) Rivalry small Carver: rivalry (+5), whereas choosing "I support the Templars" offers Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+5) Friendship small Carver: friendship (+5) Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5) Rivalry small Merrill: rivalry (+10) Rivalry small Anders: rivalry (+15)


  • [To Meredith] "I defended you when Thrask started whispering you were mad, but this is too far!"
  • "Enough! This is not what the Order stands for! Knight-Commander, step down! I relieve you of your command!"
  • [To Meredith, while standing in front of Hawke ] "You'll have to go through me".
  • [To Meredith, on taking responsibility for surrendering mages] "Yes. I believe that’s what being a Templar is about.”
  • "Someone killed a dozen of our best men .. in the chantry itself. Are the people here animals? Now we must seek out new recruits.”
  • "I've heard some disturbing rumors about you, Hawke. I hope they're not true." (if Hawke is a mage)


  • When speaking to Cullen as a Female Mage in the Magi Origin, if Jowan is in the party he will comment on Cullen liking her.
  • If the imported Origins story featured a Human Magi Origin Warden, Cullen will refer to him or her in the beginning of Act 2.

"I knew an Amell once. She was a special woman. Never met her like again" if the warden was a female mage

  • Cullen's weapon style has changed to sword and shield in Dragon Age II, after using a greatsword in Dragon Age: Origins.


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