Cullen's Lucky Coin is a gift from Cullen in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is given to the Inquisitor while perusing a romance with Cullen.

Acquisition Edit

  • Once Cullen's relationship has progressed far enough along with the Inquisitor, he will ask the Inquisitor to accompany him while dealing with some business in Ferelden, accepting will take the both of them to lake near Ferelden. While there Cullen divulges that he used to come to the lake as a child to get away from his siblings. He mentions that last time he visited the lake was the day he left for Templar training; and that prior to departing, Cullen's brother gave him a "lucky coin" - which he has kept ever since. Cullen will then ask the Inquisitor to indulge him and offer her the coin.

Use Edit

  • Receiving Cullen's Lucky Coin is not necessary to further progress a romance with Cullen as the Inquisitor may either accept the gift or ask Cullen to keep it.
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