Crystal Grace is a tier 1 rare herb in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Note: Trespasser required.

Background Edit

The flowers of the crystal grace plant are appreciated for their beauty as well as their medicinal value. Pale blue and shaped like delicate crystal bells, the flowers should almost tinkle in the breeze. In fact, I have heard a tale of an Orlesian lady who ordered crystal grace to be planted all over her bower and then hired a mage from the White Spire to enchant them to do just that. Eventually, she grew tired of the chiming and set fire to her lawn in a fit of pique.

Let us learn from this. These plants were created exactly as our Maker intended, and our interference rarely improves them.

—An excerpt from The Botanical Compendium, by Ines Arancia, botanist
—From Codex entry: Crystal Grace

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Notes Edit

  • This is one of only two herbs that does not have a seed for planting in the garden of Skyhold (the other being Deathroot).

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