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Crow Dagger is a dagger in Dragon Age: Origins.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Note: Sometimes Crow Daggers don't have rune slots, even at Dragonbone. However, rune slots can be added by upgrading (see notes below).

The Darkspawn Chronicles[]


  • It is possible to upgrade any Crow Dagger to Dragonbone/3 rune slots by selling it to Mikhael Dryden at Warden's Keep and then buying it back, provided your character's level is high enough. The minimum level for this to work seems to be around 14 (possibly even lower). Basically, sell the dagger to Mikhael, quicksave and keep reloading until the dragonbone version appears.
  • The above method can be used in Orzammar at Janar Armorers to upgrade crow daggers (and any other upgradeable weapons) to Dragonbone with 3 rune slots at character level 11.
  • On PC, this works with Cesar as well.
  • The dagger is often missing rune slots, an unofficial fix for this exists here. It is also included in the broader fixpack Dain's Fixes.