Crossing the Sulphur Pits is a war table scouting operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Costs 5 Power.

Acquisition Edit

Find and unlock the operation at Death Drink Springs near a cloud of gas that halts advance in the Western Approach.

Operation text Edit


We have completed initial estimates on the construction of an elevated bridge over the toxic sulphur pits in the Western Approach. The work will require ten of our engineers and six wagonloads of lumber, but the finished construction will allow troops to move through the region at a safe distance from the poisonous gas.

Knight-Captain Rylen

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.


A few words to the comte of Val Firmin, and we can have a bridge built.


Not participating in this mission


On your order, we can build a path. Our soldiers will personally see to its construction.

Results Edit



The Comte of Val Firmin was only too happy to loan his workmen and materials to our project ... eventually. The bridge is ready for inspection at your earliest convenience.




Reports from Griffon Wing Outpost say that construction of a safe path through the Western Approach's larger sulphur pit is complete. Our soldiers completed the bridge without incident, and it has opened routes to previously inaccessible areas of the Approach. You can expect the results the next time you travel to the region.


Rewards Edit

  • Access through the Sulphur Pits
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