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Crime Wave is a series of quests received from Slim Couldry in the Denerim Market District. One of his accomplices sees the Warden's potential for being sneaky, and asks for their help in robbing some of the nobles.


The Warden needs either the Stealth talent or to have learned the Stealing skill for Slim Couldry to appear. He will offer the interested Warden two types of jobs: burglaries and pick-pocketing. The Warden may decline both or one of the proposed job types, or accept them. Once a job is done, Slim Couldry will have some dialogue about it and if the Warden is interested in more jobs, then Slim will offer the next job in line, provided that the conditions of acquiring the next quest are met. If they are not, then he will tell the Warden that he is still working on it and to "come back later".

Note: Ideally the Warden must have both the Stealth and Stealing skill in order to complete all eight quests. However, if only the stealing skill is present, both quest lines can become available by choosing the "I want to know it all" dialogue option, and the quests may be completed using companions.

Note: If Slim Couldry is not interacted with before the end of the Landsmeet, he will disappear and the quest will not be available.

Bug icon Bug! pcpcIf you get the Stealing skill after first talking to Slim, you will not get the other quests.
Note: There is a way to get the missing side of this quest by editing your save file to reset Slim Couldry, as if you'd never talked to him in the first place. However this won't work if you've progressed to the last heist.

Download pyGFF by Mephales from nexusmods.

  1. Open editor.exe;
  2. Open your save file *.das;
  3. Expand 
    3.1. 16003 SAVEGAME_PARTYLIST;
  4. Find and delete item with value = 50477
  5. Save your edit file.
This way next time when you talk to Slim Couldry he will act as if this is your first encounter and will make his offer again, allowing you to pick up the stealing quests if you have the skill.


To find Slim, head towards the Chantry in the Market District. He is standing next to Goldanna's House (when facing the door, Slim is off to the left). When clicked on, Slim will engage in a little banter with the Warden, eventually coming to the point and asking the Warden to pay money in return for tips on "merchandise" to swipe. The available sub-quests are eight and are equally divided into two categories: "marks" and "burglaries".


Note: The appearance of NPCs for certain marks may interfere with other quests; for example, Master Tilver's guards will prevent access to the Mages' Collective representative, and Loghain's seneschal and his entourage will cause the Crimson Oars to vanish from the Gnawed Noble Tavern. If this happens, complete the job and hand it in to Slim to reset the area. All NPCs in question only appear during the mark and are removed from the game after handing in the mark (with the exception of leftover corpses and bones from killing anyone).

First mark[]

Main article: Lady in Waiting

The Warden is tasked to steal a purse full of gems from a lady's maid in the market.


Second mark[]

Main article: A Stolen Blade

The Warden is tasked to steal Ser Nancine's expensive sword in the Wonders of Thedas.


Third mark[]

Main article: Market Day

The Warden is tasked to steal Master Tilver's key which unlocks two chests containing valuable items in the central bazaar of the market.


Fourth mark[]

Main article: The Traitor's Crown

During the Landsmeet, the Warden is tasked to steal Loghain's crown from his seneschal in the Gnawed Noble Tavern.


First burglary[]

Main article: The Absent Mistress

The Warden is tasked to break in Lady Sophie's room in the Gnawed Noble Tavern and steal her valuable possessions.


Second burglary[]

Main article: A Fistful of Silver

The Warden is tasked to enter the Market Warehouse and steal the silver that Rendon Howe is preparing to send to his estate in Highever.


Third burglary[]

Main article: The Private Collection

The Warden is tasked to enter Bann Franderel's Estate and steal some of his rare possessions.


Fourth burglary[]

Main article: The Tears of Andraste

After the Landsmeet is concluded, the Warden is tasked to steal the Tears of Andraste from Bann Franderel's Estate.


  • The total expenditure is 15Gold 50Silver 0Bronze and the total profit can be over 35Gold. However, the quest does not seem to have any major impact on the story line. Note, after completing at least three marks and one burglary, there is a chance for an encounter where the City Guards confront your thievery mentioning they cannot believe a Grey Warden would be such a thief. You/your party is/are then attacked by at least a dozen guards (tough fight at level 12).
  • After completing the fourth mark, Slim will mention that some people have begun to refer to the Warden as the "Dark Wolf". Furthermore, in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, Varel will speak of a "Dark Wolf" that has caused trouble amongst the nobles. If a save was imported in which the fourth mark was successfully completed, you have the option of saying "(Lie) Dark Wolf? Never heard of him/her." If the Warden-Commander meets the person posing as the Dark Wolf, you have the option to tell him that you are the real Dark Wolf.