For the village located in this region, see Village of Crestwood.
For the keep located in this region, see Caer Bronach.

Crestwood is a region located north of Lake Calenhad in Ferelden.

Background Edit

Crestwood's namesake is Ser Venar Crestwood, the first captain of Caer Bronach, who had guarded the keep against Orlesian forces during the Second Orlesian Invasion of Ferelden in 8:26 Blessed.[1]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The village was hit hard by the darkspawn during the Fifth Blight. Many refugees tried to find shelter in Crestwood, however some of them were carrying the blight disease and were infecting others. The diseased were moved to the caves beneath the town. On the 8th of Bloomingtide 9:30 the invading darkspawn finally arrived and surrounded most of the valley the village is in. Mayor Gregory Dedrick decided to open the dam and flood the village, killing the darkspawn, and any remaining villagers inside, to save the lives of everyone else.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Following their exodus from Haven, the Inquisition receive reports of the appearance of a Fade rift beneath the Crestwood lake. As a result, demons and the undead plague the area. The region is also troubled by a dragon that is ravaging its livestock and a group of highwaymen that have taken over Caer Bronach and prowl the surrounding roads.

It is also the site at which Hawke's Grey Warden informant has taken refuge.

Places Edit

Regions Edit


Map of Crestwood

Note: The 19 regions below make up the Regions in Crestwood collection. Discovering all of them grants 200 Influence.
  • The Black Fens
  • Ico Castle Caer Bronach
  • Dead Man's Pass
  • East Side Hills
  • The Flats (only revealed when the lake is drained)
  • Forester Homestead
  • Glenmorgan Mine
  • Hilltop Farm
  • Linden Farm
  • New Crestwood Docks
  • North Gate
  • Old Crestwood
  • Old Market Road
  • Old Whitter's Farm
  • Rocky Slope
  • South Road
  • Small location icon (Inquisition) The Rusted Horn
  • Three Trout Pond
  • Ico Village Village of Crestwood

Additional places Edit

Inquisition camps Edit

  • North Gate Camp
  • Three Trout Farm Camp

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Burdens of Command
Quest icon DAI Capturing Caer Bronach
Quest icon DAI Here Lies the Abyss
Quest icon DAI High Stakes
Quest icon DAI Holding Crestwood
Quest icon DAI Homecoming
Quest icon DAI Still Waters
Quest icon DAI The Naturalist
Quest icon DAI Weeding Out Bandits
Quest icon DAI Wyrm Hole

Rifts Edit

Quest icon DAI Rift at Caer Bronach
Quest icon DAI Rifts at Three Trout Farm
Quest icon DAI Rift near the North Gate

Requisitions Edit

Quest icon DAI Caravan Requisition in Crestwood
Quest icon DAI Iron Survey in Crestwood
Quest icon DAI Longbow Requisition in Crestwood
Quest icon DAI Obsidian Survey in Crestwood
Quest icon DAI Truth Requisition in Crestwood

Characters Edit

Creatures Edit

Enemies Edit

Resources Edit

Herbs Edit

Blood Lotus DAI Blood Lotus
Deep Mushroom icon Deep Mushroom
Elfroot icon Elfroot
Embrium icon Embrium
Spindleweed DAI icon Spindleweed

Metal Edit

Everite icon Everite
Iron icon Iron
Obsidian icon Obsidian
Veridium icon Veridium
Paragons Luster icon Paragon's Luster only found in the Flooded Caves
Stormheart icon Stormheart only found in the Flooded Caves

Collections Edit

Astrariums Edit

Astarium icon Astrariums in Crestwood

Bottles on the Wall Edit

Bottles On The Wall icon Antivan Sip-Sip - in a cave north-east of Three Trout Farm Camp, at Glenmorgan Mine, near The Guide of Falon'Din landmark
Bottles On The Wall icon Hirol's Lava Burst - in Old Crestwood, west-northwest of the astrarium in a house with a closed door
Bottles On The Wall icon Vintage: Warden Daedalam - in a destroyed house north-west of Caer Bronach
Bottles On The Wall icon Vintage: Warden Gibbins - in Old Crestwood, in a damaged house on the shores of the lake

Dragon Hunter Edit

High Dragon icon Northern Hunter

Landmarks Edit

Landmark icon Landmarks in Crestwood

Mosaic Edit

Mosaic Pieces icon Freed Are Slaves - 5/12 pieces:

  • Three pieces in the Flooded Caves:
    • in the north middle room of the lowest level, next to the rift room behind a destructible wall and down a ladder
    • on a table in the room across from the rift
    • on a table up the ladders that lead to the cave exit
  • One piece south of Crestwood village in the Hidden Cave, off Old Market Road.
  • One piece in Caer Bronach, through the door to the right of the requisition table. This room cannot be accessed until the keep is captured.

Skyhold customizations Edit

Notable items Edit

Elven artifacts Edit

  • In a damaged house on the shores of the lake, Old Crestwood
  • On the shore line west of Caer Bronach near the rift for Rift at Caer Bronach, directly south of the Fisherman's Hut
  • In the Flooded Caves, in the room across the hall from the rift on the lowest level

Logging stand Edit

  • At the Memorial landmark, in front of the wall with a painting on the east side of the Village of Crestwood. From the fast travel up the stairs and the path to the ruin looking buildings.

Quarry Edit

  • In the Black Fens right next to Lawspeakers's Assembly landmark

Red Jenny's Caches Edit

  • In the veilfire cave southeast of the Ferelden Wyvern Statues landmark (where the Northern Hunter is), past the rift.
  • In the cave in the Dead Man's Pass, opposite of the Astrarium cave

Veilfire glyphs Edit

Lightning rune schematic icon Lightning Rune Schematic - in the southernmost cave on the map, south-east of the ruins that are home to the Northern Hunter.

Loot Edit

Wedge of destiny icon Wedge of Destiny - on a table atop a hill just west of Three Trout Farm Camp
Demon-slaying rune schematic icon Master Demon-Slaying Rune Schematic - Sold by the Caer Bronach merchant for
1844 Currency (Inquisition).

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Crestwood
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Paragons Known and Lesser Known
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Plants vs. Corpses
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Regarding the Calling

Note texts Edit

Text ico Battered Journal
Text ico The Lost Outpost Plaque
Text ico Mildewed Diary
Text ico Scrap of Paper
Text ico Sealed Orders

Bugs Edit

  • The Venatori/Red Templars may not spawn at their camp at Glenmorgan mine upon going there for the first time, though the Inquisitor will still say: "Look, Venatori/Red Templars!"

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References Edit

  1. Codex entry: Caer Bronach
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