Least a bastard knows who his mother was. Puts him one up on you Qunari, right?

Cremisius Aclassi, also known as Krem, is a member of the Bull's Chargers mercenary company. He serves as the Iron Bull's lieutenant.


Krem is described by Iron Bull as fitting the Qunari concept of "Aqun-Athlok", which translates as "born as one gender but living like another."

Krem was born to a Tevinter tailor, as Krem grew up he realized he was different from other girls, and would often pretend to shave with his father. Eventually after reaching adulthood Krem's mother began to pressure him to marry the son of a wealthy merchant to save the family from slavery, Krem refused and his relationship with his mother was destroyed.

Sometime later a Tevinter magister, in an attempt to save the poor from the cold, had his slaves make clothes and sell them for almost nothing. Although the magister likely saved many people from freezing, Krem's father was put of business and was forced to sell himself into slavery to save his family.

After his father's sacrifice Krem joined the army, but due to his identity, and the fact that women's role in the Tevinter military is heavily restricted, Krem concealed his transgender status by bribing the healer who performs military physicals. His charade went on for several years, but when the healer was called away on duty, the new healer discovered Krem's secret he reported him to the authorities. Faced with the threat of slavery or execution Krem ran but he was caught in a border town's tavern by a Tevinter tribune and his men. As the tribune and his men made an example of Krem, the Iron Bull came to Krem's defence, at the cost of his eye when he came in between Krem and a Tevinter's flail.

Afterward, the Iron Bull healed Krem's injuries and asked if he wanted a job.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After the Inquisitor considers whether to negotiate with the rebel mages or templars, Krem appears outside the Haven chantry, suggesting that the Inquisitor check up the Bull's Chargers on the Storm Coast. Should the Inquisitor recruit Iron Bull and the Chargers, Krem is seen next to Bull outside the village gates.

When the Inquisition move to Skyhold, Krem takes up residence in the fortress tavern.

When the Inquisition and the Ben-Hassrath begin discussing an alliance, the Chargers took part in a mission to stop the Venatori from smuggling red lyrium into Tevinter. Krem and the Chargers separate from Bull to protect a signaling position, but Venatori start advancing on them. The Inquisitor is faced with telling Bull to pull back the Chargers, saving them, at the cost of losing the alliance, or sacrificing them to secure the alliance.


  • Krem is the first transgender character to appear in a BioWare game.
  • Speaking to Krem after completing story missions often unlocks a new operation for the war table.
  • Krem was written by Patrick Weekes. [1]
  • It was Krem who originally convinced The Iron Bull to reach out to the inquisition.


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