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“Least a bastard knows who his mother was. Puts him one up on you Qunari, right?”

Cremisius Aclassi, also known as Krem, is a member of the Bull's Chargers mercenary company. He serves as the Iron Bull's second-in-command.


Krem was born to a Tevinter tailor. Although raised as a typical girl, Krem realized he was different from the girls that he knew, and would often pretend to shave with his father. After reaching adulthood, Krem's mother began to pressure him to marry the son of a wealthy merchant to save the family from slavery. Krem refused, and his relationship with his mother was destroyed.

Some time later, a Tevinter magister, in an attempt to save the poor from the cold, had his slaves make clothes and sell them for almost nothing. Unable to compete with slave labor, Krem's father was put out of business and forced to sell himself into slavery to save his family. He became one of the servus publicus.

After his father's sacrifice, Krem joined the army, but since women's roles in the Tevinter military are heavily restricted, Krem concealed his gender status by bribing the healer who performed military physicals. His charade went on for several years, but when the healer was called away on duty, the new healer discovered Krem's secret and reported him to the authorities. Faced with the threat of slavery or execution for falsifying military documents, Krem ran, but was caught in a border town's tavern by a Tevinter tribune and his men. As the tribune and his men attacked Krem for deserting (to "make an example" out of him), the Iron Bull came to Krem's defense, losing his eye when he came in between Krem and a Tevinter's flail.

Afterward, the Iron Bull healed Krem's injuries and asked if he wanted a job. Krem joined Bull's mercenary company, the Bull's Chargers, eventually rising to become Bull's second-in-command, often leading the Chargers on missions in Iron Bull's stead.


Dragon Age: Inquisition

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After the Herald confers with their advisors regarding their encounter with Revered Mother Hevara, Lord Seeker Lucius, and Grand Enchanter Fiona in Val Royeaux, Krem appears outside the Haven Chantry, suggesting that the Herald appraise the Bull's Chargers on the Storm Coast. Should the Herald recruit Iron Bull and the Chargers, Krem can be found near Bull outside the village gates.

When the Inquisition moves to Skyhold, Krem takes up residence in the Herald's Rest tavern. Speaking to Krem (at either location) and asking what the Chargers can be used for will unlock quests and war table operations throughout the game.

Krem's gender comes up when the Inquisitor shares drinks with the Chargers; afterwards, Krem feels comfortable enough with the Inquisitor to answer questions about his past.

Krem is later dispatched by Bull to lead the Chargers on an operation to the Hissing Wastes with Dorian and the mage assassin Marius.

When the Inquisition and the Ben-Hassrath begin discussing an alliance, the Chargers take part in a mission to stop the Venatori from smuggling red lyrium into Tevinter. Krem and the Chargers separate from Bull and the Inquisitor to protect a signaling position, but the Venatori start advancing on them. The Inquisitor is faced with the dilemma of telling Bull to pull back the Chargers, thus saving them at the cost of losing the alliance, or sacrificing them to secure the alliance.


This section contains spoilers for:

Krem enlists the Inquisitor's help in organizing a surprise for Iron Bull's birthday.

He tells the Inquisitor that the Chargers have considered disbanding to join the Inquisition outright, but that they've refrained from doing so because Bull gets upset at the idea.

Krem is alive and Cole has been made more Spirit:
Cole plays matchmaker between Krem and Maryden Halewell. Krem tells her that he really loves her songs, and that he would sometimes stand up on his chair at the Herald's Rest to get a better look.

If Iron Bull is Tal-Vashoth:
After the Exalted Council, Krem and the Chargers return to taking jobs throughout Orlais and Ferelden, fighting demons and clearing out remaining Venatori.


The Captain of the Chargers The Captain of the Chargers
Investigate Redcliffe Castle Investigate Redcliffe Castle (war table) - available after Champions of the Just
Deal with Venatori Ally Deal with Venatori Ally (war table) - complete Investigate Redcliffe Castle with Leliana
Investigate Therinfal Redoubt Investigate Therinfal Redoubt (war table) - available after In Hushed Whispers
Hunt Therinfal Redoubt Demon Hunt Therinfal Redoubt Demon (war table) - complete Investigate Therinfal Redoubt with Leliana
Demands of the Qun Demands of the Qun
Destroy Adamant Fortress Destroy Adamant Fortress (war table) - available after Here Lies the Abyss
Claim Grey Warden Cache Claim Grey Warden Cache (war table) - complete Destroy Adamant Fortress with Cullen
Meet Orlesian Mercenaries Meet Orlesian Mercenaries (war table) - available after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
Press Orlesian Nobles Press Orlesian Nobles (war table) - complete Meet Orlesian Nobles with Josephine
Inflate Inquisition Numbers Inflate Inquisition Numbers (war table) - available after What Pride Had Wrought
Follow Venatori Map Follow Venatori Map (war table) - complete Inflate Inquisition Numbers with Leliana


  • In a conversation with Iron Bull, he says that Krem fits the Qunari concept of "Aqun-Athlok", which translates in Qunlat as "born as one gender but living like another." Krem asks Iron Bull if Qunari treat them any different than others to which Iron Bull replies they are treated like the men they are.
  • Krem is the first transgender character to appear in a BioWare game. Although Maevaris Tilani debuted in Dragon Age: Those Who Speak, she has yet to appear in-game.
  • Speaking to Krem after completing story missions often unlocks a new operation for the war table.
  • Krem was written by Patrick Weekes.[2]
  • It was Krem who originally convinced The Iron Bull to reach out to the Inquisition.
  • Krem is known to sew stuffed nugs with wings.[3]

This section contains spoilers for:

  • When entering Herald's Rest, a common glitch results in Krem standing up on his chair instead of sitting on it. This is later referenced in Trespasser, if Cole sets up Krem and Maryden. Krem tells Maryden that he sometimes sat up on his chair to get a better look at her songs.



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