I have extensive experience as the overseer of multiple archaeological digs in the Western Approach, and have successfully managed several mercenary army ventures simultaneously.

Crassius Servis is a mage from the Minrathous Circle of Magi, and a supervisor of the Venatori in the Western Approach.

Background Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Servis doesn't necessarily share the views of the Venatori and treats being assigned the role of a supervisor over the Venatori's projects in the Western Approach simply as a job. The various projects include hunting a high dragon, red lyrium mining, and investigating the Tevinter ruins scattered throughout the desert. His method of leading is mostly through letters, which can be found scattered throughout.

The projects

To bolster their numbers in the area, Servis hires raiders called White Claws. He promises them high pay and outlines their general duties, as well as areas off limits. He orders them to focus on investigating the Abyssal High Dragon, by stealing the research notes done by Frederic of Serault's team. He also assigns them to the Red Templars conducting red lyrium mining operations, and the Venatori's excavations. He bars them from interfering with the Grey Wardens present in the wastes.

However, the White Claws don't prove to be a worthy investment as, to the dislike of the high-ranking Venatori of the area, they kill Frederic's team even after being warned not to, and in order to lure the high dragon, they spring traps all over the desert, proving they have no clue how to hunt a dragon.

After the Red Templars conclude their mining operations, he focuses on investigations of the Still Ruins and Coracavus.

He was hired by a third party to smuggle ancient magical artifacts out of the Western Approach, right underneath the Venatori noses, and against the will of Corypheus, proving he will do anything for money.

As the Inquisition pushes further into the Western Approach, assigns the leadership of the Griffon Wing Keep to Prelate Macrinus, orders his men to continue investigating the ancient prison of Coracavus, whilst himself he relocates to the Echoback Fort. Feeling the tightening grasp of the Inquisition's hand on his throat, he intends to abandon the Venatori and writes a CV addressed to the Praetor of Vyrantium, Magister Nanterius, who is looking for someone to lead mining operations.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Crassius Servis is found at the Echoback Fort, surrounded by several Venatori. After dispatching the enemies, the Inquisitor notices that Servis still lives.

If the Inquisitor decided to kill him: The Inquisitor finishes him off, ending the Venatori operations in the Western Approach.

If the Inquisitor decides to keep him alive: The Inquisitor keeps Servis alive, and brings him back to Skyhold, in order to judge him for his crimes. Servis willingly discloses his operations as a Venatori, but admits he has little real loyalty to the organisation.

If Servis is jailed: The Inquisitor decides to put him in the Skyhold jail, located underneath, for an unspecified amount of time.

See also: Skyhold prisoner dialogue

If the Inquisitor recruits him as an informant: The Inquisitor decides to use Servis's status as a Venatori leader and use his knowledge of the organisation. Judgment: Recover Sold Artifacts is acquired.

If the Inquisitor recruits him as a smuggler:

Noting his skills to supply all of the Western Approach, the Inquisitor hires him as a smuggler for the Inquisition.

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