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This page lists crafting materials that are used to construct weapon runes from rune schematics in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Crafting materials[]


Name Tier Used By Acquisition
Blank Runestone 1 Runes

Available for 71 Currency (Inquisition).png at the following merchants:

Corpse Heart 1 Cleansing Rune
Dragon Blood 1 Demon-Slaying Rune
Fire Essence 1 Fire Rune
Frost Essence 1 Frost Rune
Lightning Essence 1 Lightning Rune
Spirit Essence 1 Spirit Rune
Giant Spider Gland 1 Dragon-Slaying Rune
Red Lyrium 1 Corrupting Rune
Arcane Horror Heart 2 Master Cleansing Rune
Intense Dragon Blood 2 Master Demon-Slaying Rune
Intense Fire Essence 2 Master Fire Rune
Intense Frost Essence 2 Master Frost Rune
Intense Lightning Essence 2 Master Lightning Rune
Intense Spirit Essence 2 Master Spirit Rune
Wyvern Poison Glands 2 Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune
Intense Red Lyrium 2 Master Corrupting Rune
Revenant Heart 3 Superb Cleansing Rune
Pure Dragon Blood 3 Superb Demon-Slaying Rune
Pure Fire Essence 3 Superb Fire Rune
Pure Frost Essence 3 Superb Frost Rune
Pure Lightning Essence 3 Superb Lightning Rune
Pure Spirit Essence 3 Superb Spirit Rune
Poison Spider Glands 3 Master Dragon-Slaying Rune
Pure Red Lyrium 3 Superb Corrupting Rune

Cloth/ Leather/ Metal[]

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Logging stands[]

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