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Crafting Materials tarot card

Crafting in Dragon Age: Inquisition allows the player to create unique weapons, armor, runes, and potions. A crafting station is required for crafting and can be found in Haven, the Undercroft, and any Keeps that have been captured.

Weapon and Armor Crafting

To craft new armor or weapons, you need a schematic and enough materials.
The schematic determines the appearance and potential power of the crafted item.
The materials determine the specific stats and powers that will be added to the new item.

Schematics allow the placement of a set number of leather, metal, or cloth into a recipe and will determine the outcome of the item.

Crafting/Material Slots

There are five different types of crafting slots: utility, offense, defense, damage, and armor.
The type of slot determines the stat that will be generated from the material placed in it.
For example, placing iron in a defense slot gives a bonus to melee defense, while putting it in the utility slot gives a bonus to Strength.
Experiment with different combinations of materials and slots to create unique items that fit your needs.

Crafting Primary icon
  • Primary Slot

The primary slot governs the attack value of weapons, the armor value of armor, and the elemental damage type of staves.

Crafting Utility icon
  • Utility Slot

The utility slot controls what primary attribute will be upgraded.

Crafting Offensive icon
  • Offense Slot

The offense slot provides a unique attack ability.

Crafting Defensive icon
  • Defense Slot

The defense slot provides various resistances.

Crafting Masterwork icon
  • Masterwork

Higher level weapon and armor schematics might have a masterwork slot that can optionally be filled by a masterwork crafting material that can offer a unique bonus.

Crafting Upgrades

Some weapons and armor require their own schematics to allow additional upgrade slots.

Rune Crafting

Crafting runes require a rune recipe. The player must also read glyphs by veilfire.

See the Runes page for a complete list of available runes and their schematics.

Potion Crafting

Find recipes through exploration or by visiting merchants.

Visit an apothecary with herbs you gather in the wilderness to upgrade potions.

Use the equip station to assign different potions to each of you party members and to replenish the potions you are carrying.

Use the upgrade station to unlock permanent upgrades to your potions.

Alchemical Upgrades

You can upgrade potions you have already unlocked. To upgrade a potion, select a category, select a potion, then select the upgrade.

Potion upgrades require a significant amount of herbs to unlock; in return, they give permanent and significant bonuses to your potions.

See the Potions page for a complete list of available potions.

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