Hawke must find crafting recipes and resources and then take them to crafting stations in Dragon Age II. Once a resource has been located, all crafters will be able to use it. Orders for craftable items may be given from Hawke's home or the crafters themselves: runes in Hightown, poisons and bombs in Darktown, and potions in Lowtown.

Undiscovered component resources will become unavailable over the timespan of the game, so players should keep their eyes open and collect any crafting resources when they see them in case the opportunity to collect that particular resource should be lost. However, if the The Black Emporium downloadable content is installed, missed ingredients may be bought there. Note that if you don't recruit Isabela, Ambrosia cannot be obtained.

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Supplier is an achievement in Dragon Age II, which is obtained by discovering every crafting resource in the game. Every resource must be acquired, even though the achievement states that every variety must be required.

If the act is finished without one of the materials, it becomes impossible to obtain the achievement. If you fail to recruit and keep Isabela through Act 3 (i.e., make her friend or rival with at least 75% approval before To Catch a Thief), her Act 3 side quest will be unavailable to you, denying you access to Ambrosia. You must keep Anders around as you need to go on a sidequest with him in Act 3 or you will fall one Deep Mushroom short of the achievement. Side quests with Merrill will also be required, in particular for but not limited to Felandaris in Act 3.

If The Black Emporium is installed, purchasing crafting resources at the Black Emporium counts toward this achievement, as it makes the player's resource count equals 66, no matter the source. You can only purchase crafting resources missed in previous acts, so even with the Black Emporium, you will still need Isabela, Merrill and Anders available in Act 3 to get the Supplier achievement.

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  • The information in the crafting section of the official guide isn't correct.
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