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The Cradle of Sulevin is an elven ruin located on the edge of the Arbor Wilds.


The ruin is said to be the supposed resting place of the mythical Sulevin Blade, a sword from Dalish legend. Its exact location has long since been forgotten but it is said to be located in ruin deep within the Arbor Wilds.

Located on the edge of the Arbor Wilds, nature long ago reclaimed the Cradle of Sulevin. It is said that an ancient tragedy unfolded here—and that a legendary elven sword lies within.

—Excerpt from the quest journal


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Sulevin Blade: a sword with purpose. When our people ruled the Dales, the blade's purpose was to defend our borders. When the Chantry marched against us, its purpose was to protect the innocent from those who would oppress us. More than one great hand wielded it in battle. Yet few know its name. Fewer still will speak of it.

The Exalted March stretched on, and the Chantry's forces were nearing victory. A band of elves could not bear the loss. Desperation drove them to take the Sulevin Blade. A wish for vengeance gave the sword a new purpose.

"If the Chantry thinks us monsters," they thought, "then who are we to argue?"

They spilled innocent blood to power their magic. With it, they would defeat their enemies. Only—the ritual failed. The elves stood in the darkness, blood on their fingers, bodies at their feet. Then they heard the sound of footsteps. The elves' wish for vengeance was granted to those they had slaughtered. Spirits reached beyond the Veil and claimed the elves where they stood.

As for the Sulevin Blade, the sword lies broken in the accursed place where the elves attempted their ritual. Perhaps one day it will be reforged and given a new purpose. But at what cost? The location was lost long ago. Those who seek the sword never return. Some say they are claimed by the same spirits who were angered so long ago. As much as we long for our past, there are some memories better left buried.

—Story recited by Neria, First to Keeper Elindra of Clan Ralaferin, to Mathias Laren, Inquisition scribe[1]

The Inquisitor can gain access to Cradle of Sulevin by completing the Rumors of the Sulevin Blade war table scouting operation in Skyhold.

Writing inside the Cradle reveals that after the elves sacrificed four humans and let the spirits take their bodies, one of the elves, recognizing that their actions were wrong, let his comrades fall and used his remaining strength to seal them all inside.


Starlight Chambers (upper)
Starlight Chambers (lower)
Hallowed Passageway (upper)
Hallowed Passageway (entrance level)
Sanctuary of the Dead


Ruined Blade Ruined Blade

Hostile Creatures[]

Poison spider (levels 19-20)


Undead (levels 19-20)



Freed Are Slaves numbering

Freed Are Slaves Freed Are Slaves (piece #10) - found behind a locked door in the northwest corner of the lower level of the Starlight Chambers (the room also contains the Spirit Rune Schematic Veilfire glyph).

Notable items[]

Veilfire glyphs[]

Spirit Rune Schematic Spirit Rune Schematic - found in the northwest corner of the lower level of the Starlight Chambers, behind a locked door with the mosaic piece.


Sulevin Blade Sulevin Blade fragments; see side quest Ruined Blade.

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Cradle of Sulevin Codex entry: The Cradle of Sulevin
Codex entry: Vir Tanadhal: The Way of Three Trees Codex entry: Vir Tanadhal: The Way of Three Trees

Note texts[]

Timeworn Elven Writing Timeworn Elven Writing


  • The Cradle of Sulevin is a popular site to farm tier three schematics.
  • The location will remain available on the map even after completing the related quest.
  • A supply cache is located in a small room on the lower level of the Starlight Chambers.


  • Ser Auguste, one of the Freemen leaders in the Graves, was also in search of the Sulevin Blade; see Ser Auguste's Messages.
  • In the game files, the Cradle of Sulevin is called Revenent[sic] Church and the_church.

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  • xboxoneXboxone In the Starlight Chambers' north eastern most room on the lower level, you can guide an unselected character to pass through the eastern wall; switching to said character will cause the character to fall underneath the floor