Sister Costeau is one of the leaders of the Freemen of the Dales operating out of the Veridium Mine located in the Emerald Graves.

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Costeau is a former Chantry sister, but left the order following the death of the Divine at the Conclave. She relocates to the Emerald Graves and joins the Freemen of the Dales, but never fully shares in all of the Freemen's ideology. She takes charge of one of the cells of the Freemen and models it after the Dalish concept of "Vir Adahlen", meaning that each tree is different, but it takes all of them to make a forest; she does so, however, not out of respect for the elves who once called the Dales home, but rather out of mockery for the Dalish "heathens".

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Costeau is put in charge of a group of Freemen that operate out of the Veridium Mine. When some of Fairbanks' refugees, including Gertrude, brake into the mine to steal supplies, they are caught and imprisoned. Costeau orders her men not to attack anyone unless provoked. However, due to a misunderstanding, when the Inquisitor arrives on scene and enters the mine, she assumes they were sent by Fairbanks, and attacks the party. Costeau is defeated by the Inquisitor in the process and the party proceeds to rescue all of the prisoners being held captive.

Word of Costeau's death spreads quickly among the remaining Freemen; the Inquisitor is able to intercept a note referencing her ineffectiveness as a Freemen figure head, as well as the Freemen's involvement in slave trade with the Red Templars:

Did you hear? Sister Costeau has fallen. I'm surprised it took so long. She was soft. Unfortunately, we also lost the rats we were going to send to Suledin. We have to make sure this doesn't happen again. ―scribbled note

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Quest icon DAI A Fallen Sister
Quest icon DAI Fairbanks' Trust
Quest icon DAI Not Everyone's Free
Quest icon DAI The Freemen of the Dales
Quest icon DAI Victims of War
Quest icon DAI Watcher's Reach Refugees

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  • Soulkisser icon Soulkisser

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Text ico From Sister Costeau (Vir Adahlen)
Text ico From Sister Costeau (Watcher's Reach Refugees)

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